7 Best Washing Machine in India to Buy in 2021

Best Washing Machine in india

Nowadays, when we want to buy any appliance, we have so many questions in our minds. Such as which company’s product should we buy? Which product or company has the best and top model? And we get confused about it.

Here, I have discussed the important features which you have to consider at the time of buying a Top Model of Washing Machines in 2021.

In this article, I will show you which washing machine you should buy as per your needs and how you can choose the Best washing machine in india for your family.

Best  Washing Machine In India:

The table below lists the best washing machine brands in India.

Washing Machine Brands
1. LG Washing Machine
2. Samsung Washing Machine
3. Bosch Washing Machine
4. Whirlpool Washing Machine
5. IFB Washing Machine

There is detailed information about all of the features like

  • Top-load / Front-load
  • Semi-automatic/Fully-automatic
  • The power efficiency of the washing machine

I will provide you with all kinds of guides here so that you can make a decision about which one is the best for you.

Here is short information about the content which I have covered in this article.

Technology used in each brand of washing machine


Today, when we go to the market to buy a

  • Inverter Direct Drive Technology
    • Motor directly attache to the drum
    • Less energy dissipation
    • Minimal noise and vibration
    • More durability and energy savings
  • Direct Drive Technology
    • Fewer moving parts
    • Longer – Lasting product
    • 10-year warranty on motor
  • Turbo Drum
    • Reduce the tangling of clothes
    • Doubly efficient wash action
    • Maintain washing performance
  • True Steam
    • Sterilizes bacteria’s
    • Eliminate germs 99%
    • Enables allergy care and refresh steam


  • Combines up to 6 different wash motions


Samsung is another one of the most popular brands in the world in all kinds of electronics items. The washing machine


  • Add missed items
  • Add fabric softener
  • Add pre-washed items
  • Add to rinse/spin
  • Eco Bubble Technology 
    • Wash gently
    • Perfect fabric care
    • Save energy
    • Remove tough stains
  • Hygiene  steam
    • Deep and hygiene clean with steam
    • Removes 99.9% of bacteria
    • Inactivate allergens
  • Diamond Drum Technology
    • Gentle wash for tough stains
    • Prevent washing damage
    • A unique design for better wash

erter Technology

  • Less energy consumption
  • Outstanding durability


Bosch is an international brand but it is also quite popular in India. It is one of those washing machines that have some advanced features. 

  • Power Wave System
    • Provides up and down movement of clothes
    • Provides powerful water displacement
  • Motor Of Machine
    • Less noisy
    • Energy efficient
  •  Uses Advance German Technology
    • Take extra care of your favorite clothes
    • Make your washing experience better than ever

ashing Program

  • Based on the load added machine choose the automatic wash program
  • Save your time


Whirlpool is another great name in the home appliances market and has been there from the very start. It has a stronghold in the Washing Ma or

  • Automatically indicate low voltage and water condition
  • Upon revival of the voltage, the cycle continues where it left
  • 360° Water Spray 
    • 3 unique nozzles for  better wash
    • 25% of water saves
    • Circulate hot detergent to give an excellent cleaning
  • Hotmatic Technology
    • Powered by Intellisensor and Advanced Microprocessor
    • Control water temperature` for different
    • Removes up to 48 hours old stain
    • Removes up to 50 tough stains
    • Removes up to 99% Germs and allergens


  • makes clothes rub against each other and doing better cleaning
  • minimizing fabric abrasion.
  • Hot Catalytic Cyclic
    • soaks clothes in concentrated detergent
    • Use ⅓  quantity of water

3. Top Models Of Washing Machine

Under this section, some of the Top Models of Washing Machine are provided for you. All of these are some of the best washing machine brands in India. Each one of them is given with its features and links to Amazon where you can buy them from. Additionally, if you want detailed information on this topic, make sure to check our previous articles as 8 Best Washing Machines Under $800 in 2021【Buying Guide】or 10 Best Washing Machines Under $400 in 2021【Reviewed]. These are the best washing machines in India. All of the brands given here are the top washing machine brands in India.

1. LG

Capacity 6 KG 7 KG 6.5 KG
Type of load Front Load Front Load Top Load
Automation Fully Automatic Fully Automatic Fully Automatic
Color White Luxury Silver Middle Free Silver
Inverter Yes Yes Yes
Inbuilt heater Yes Yes No
Child lock Yes Yes Yes

2. Samsung

Model name WA62M4100HY/TL WA70M4400HV/TL WT725QPNDMPXTL
Capacity 6.20 Kilograms 7 Kilograms 7.20 kilograms
Type of load Top load Top Load Top Load
Automation Fully Automatic Fully Automatic Semi-Automatic
Color Imperial Silver Black White
Inverter No No No
Inbuilt heater Yes No No
Child lock Yes Yes Yes

3. Bosch

Model name WAK24168IN WOE654W0IN WAB20267IN
Capacity 7 Kilograms 6.50 Kilograms 6 Kilograms
Type of load Front Load Top Load Front Load
Automation Fully Automatic Fully Automatic Fully Automatic
Color Silver White Silver
Inverter No No No
Inbuilt heater Yes No Yes
Child lock Yes Yes Yes

4. Whirlpool

Capacity 6.20 Kilograms 7 Kilograms 6.20 Kilograms
Type of load Top Load Front Load Front Load
Automation Fully Automatic Fully Automatic Fully Automatic
Color shiny grey White Grey
Inverter No No No
Inbuilt heater No Yes Yes
Child lock Yes Yes Yes

5. IFB

Model name TL-RDW 6.5kg Aqua Diva Aqua SX TL-RDS 6.5Kg Aqua
Capacity 6.50 Kilograms 6 Kilograms 6.50 Kilograms
Type of load Top Load Front Load Top Load
Automation Fully Automatic Fully Automatic Fully Automatic
Color White Silver Sparkling Silver
Inverter Yes No No
Inbuilt heater No Yes No
Child lock Yes Yes Yes

4. Top load vs Front load

Most of us today are confused as to which washing machine they should buy (top load or front load). Here I will clear your confusion. So, you can make the right decision on which one you should buy a top load washer or a front load washer. In the earlier days, in the Indian market, the demand for the top-load machines was very high but nowadays people are turning to the front load washing machine. Given below is the detailed information on the advantages and disadvantages of Top Load and Front Load types of Washing Machines.

Front-load washing machine

Best Front Load Washing Machine

Why We Love It:

  • Does not Damage
  • Consumes Less Power
  • Consumes Less Detergent

Includes Water Heating OptionMore expensive than Top Load
Has 360-degree Spray of WaterNeeds more Horizontal Space
Less Water Requiremnet

Front-load washing machines are proven to be great devices for pet hair, check out our related article on the finest washing machines for pet hair for more details.

top-load washing machine 

Why We Love It:

  • Less Noisy
  • Washes Quickly
  • Under Budget

nter size-medium”>

Conusmes Less TimeDoes not have a 360-Degrees Water Spray
Vibrates LessConsumes more Power
Requires more Veritcal Space

A compact top-load washing machine can become a great mobile machine as well. Check out our related article on Best Camping Washing Machines for more details.

5. Fully automatic and Semi-automatic

After selecting the top-load or front load we have two more options to look for when buying a washing machine.

  • 1. Fully automatic
  • 2. semi-automatic

Here in this section, I am providing you with some information on which washing machine is the best – fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machines – that can help you to choose the best. Hence, you can make the right decision about which one should you buy.

Fully automatic

Why We Love It:

  • Works on its Own
  • Not much Manpower Required
  • Separate Dryer not Required


Requires Less SpaceExpensive
No Manpower RequiredRequires more Power


Why We Love It:

    • Consumes Less Water
    • Allows Control
    • Cheap

Less Water ConsumptionControls are Manual
Less Expensive than Fully AutomaticRequires more space

6. Capacity and size of washing machine

After selecting top-load/front-load and Fully-automatic/Semi-automatic you are supposed to choose the capacity and size of the washing machine. You can select the capacity of a washing machine as per your family size and your lifestyle.

      • One member ( 5kg or less)
      • For a couple and one child (5kg to 8 kg)
      • For full family (8kg to 10 kg)
      • For any business purpose like laundry shop(10kg or more)

For selecting the size of the washing machine, you are also required to see the size of the place where you want to place it. Consider the size of that place and select a 4 to 5 inches smaller washing machine than the available space as a small part of the space is needed for fitting the water pipe.

You should purchase below 6 KG You should purchase 6 to 8 KG You should purchase more than 8 KG

7. Budget wise washing machine

At present, in the Indian market, many washing machine models available from extremely low prices to very high prices, but which washing machine should you buy depends on many things. It depends on your budget or which features you want in your washing machine. If your budget is high and medium then you will get the top washing machine but if your budget is low then do not worry. This article will surely help you! It will suggest you best automatic washing machines at a low price.


      • Fully-Automatic
      • Front Load Washing Machine (White in Color)
      • Capacity – 6 kg: Suitable for bachelors and couples
      • Warranty: 2 years on product and 2 years on motor


  • Fully-Automatic
  • Top Load Washing Machine (Imperial Silver in Color)
  • Capacity – 6.2 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years comprehensive warranty on product and 4 years on motor


  • Fully-Automatic
  • Front Load Washing Machine White (Inbuilt Heater)
  • Capacity – 6.5 kg
  • Warranty 4 years on product and 4 years on motor

LG Inverter

  • Fully-Automatic
  • Front Load Washing Machine White (Inbuilt Heater)
  • Capacity – 6 kg: Suitable for bachelors and couples
  • Warranty: 2 years on product and 10 years on motor


To summarise, if you are planning to buy a new washing machine, this article can be a complete guide on which washing machine to buy as per your requirements. The top washing machines in India are listed in this article.

All the types and features of a washing machine have been explained in detail, and their advantages and disadvantages are mentioned under each category. To aid you, the best automatic washing machines are provided.

Moreover, all the budget-wise options have been filtered out and stated in this guide, along with their relative features. In case of any type or feature unknown to you, they have been already explained prior to the machine choices in this article. It is known that the best washing machines are fully automatic. Therefore, for the scope of this guide, all of the washing machines are fully automatic. Not to forget, these are the top automatic washing machines. In short, all of your questions such as the following have been answered through the course of this guide.

  • Which is the best washing machine company in India?
  • Which washing machine is good in India?
  • What are the best brands for washing machines?

To expand your list of choices, go through the Top 10 Washing Machines in India. More specifically, look for the Top 10 fully automatic Washing Machines in India. These will help you more! After going through the article, you will surely get the answer to which washing machine is the best.

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