Top 10 Power banks

In the 21st century, electronic devices play an important role in everyone’s life. Furthermore the speaker, headphone, earphone and many other electronic gadgets become wireless which includes battery inside it and anytime when you are away from charging socket, your device battery can be dead and device stops working at that time. As a solution to this problem you should buy power banks so your device works continue.

Before buying a power bank you should know very well how to buy a power bank? You can check our article here. Buying guide on power banks.

You should buy a power bank according to your device’s battery capacity. Make sure that your power bank output energy is good enough to charge your device 2 to 3 times. If you want to charge only small devices like headphones and speakers then you should buy a small(8,000 mAh) power bank.

For only mobile charging 12,000 mAh power banks is a better option. If you need to charge any 2 devices at a single time then 20,000 mAh power banks provide enough energy. For laptop charging, you have to buy a very large power bank with a capacity of 50,000 mAh to 60,000 mAh.

Here, In this article i will suggest top 10 models of power bank which gives best performance with very low cost. Also, I will tell you the specifications of each and I will write a detailed review about each of 10. Therefore you can decide which one is the best option for you and you don’t have to be full of providers.

1.Anker PowerCore 

Product Details

  • 10,000 mAh
  • 2 USB ports and total 3 ports
  • lED indicator
  • 177 grams weight
  • 18 month warranty
  • 1400 to 1800 INR

An Anker powercore with 10,000 mAh capacity is our first choice for people who need to charge only their single smartphone. Mainly most of all power banks give 75% to 80% output current. So, This powercore gives you 7500 to 8000 mAh output current which means you can charge your smartphone with 4000 mAh battery capacity less than 2 times.

There are a total 2 USB ports available for charging your device and one single port available to charge your power bank. This product is not very cheap or very expensive. If you are ready to spend money on this 10,000 mAh power cord then it will definitely give you the best result.

The weight of the Anker power bank is only around 180 grams which are less than half of your smartphone and size is also less than your smartphone. So, It is easily portable in your pocket. In general, In all cheap products, you will get a 6 month or 12-month warranty but Anker provides you with the best product and the best warranty time period.

2.oraimo Toast-8 8000mAh Ultra Slim 2.1A Fast Charging Power Banks

Product Details

  • 8000 MAh battery
  • 2.1A usb ports
  • LED torch
  • 195 gram weight
  • 500 to 800 INR

Whenever I was looking for a power bank with a capacity of 8,000 mAh, I found Oraima Toast-8 which is better than all others due to its excellent size and features.

All other 8,000 mAh power banks provide you only 6,000 or even less output current than it but Oraima Toast-8 gives you a full 8,000 mAh output current because it has a 10,000 mAh battery inside it. I really appreciate this feature. Moreover, the depth of all power banks may be more than 2.5 cm but this one has only 1.4 cm which is very less and easy to put in the pocket like a mobile phone.

Battery backup is good enough for 2 time mobile charging. Design of the power bank is sleek and nice. Weight is only 195 grams which is less than the average weight of all other power banks. You can use an LED torch in the dark. 2 USB ports with output capacity 2.1A give you fast charging. If you want a power bank with capacity 10,000 mAh of Oraima then you can also check it on Amazon.

3.Syska Power Slice 100 10000mAH Lithium Polymer Power Bank (White)

Product Details

  • 10,000 mAh battery
  • 2 uSB ports
  • 222 grams of weight
  • 6 month warranty
  • 1100 to 1400 INR

We live in a day and age where we’re always on the go, and in that rush, the phone battery runs out. To be available and connected with over device we always need a power bank so that running out of battery should never arise a problem for us. The Syska Power Slice 100 with 10,000 mAh capacity prevents your phone or any other electronic device to become dead. 2 USB ports available on the top of the power bank.

This model has a 5 lithium polymer battery included inside it. If any one of them will be damaged, still your power bank can work but it will give output of only 4 batteries. It will help you to enhance the lifespan of your device. Furthermore IC protection feature of Syska power slice 100 avoids the problem of over charging. This is the most economical device with battery capacity 10,000 mAh in this article.

4.Xstar 12000Mah Li-Polymer Power Bank A33(White)

Product Details

  • 12000 mAh battery
  • 1 year warranty
  • 118 grams weight
  • total 3 ports with 2 USB ports
  • 600 to 900 INR

Xstar A33 power bank is new in the market but it gives the best results when we use it. It comes with a convenient battery pack which allows you to charge your device while on the go. There is an intelligent battery pack available which supplies power first and it can be removed after use.

This portable power bank offers extra power for more than three full recharges while on the go. It is very portable and comes with a USB connection which can help you charge your devices.

There are two designs available on Amazon. You can choose anyone from white or black. It has a lightweight, weighing 118 grams only. It has a clear LCD battery display which indicates the remaining battery so you will never be left stranded. If you have a low budget and you need to charge your phone and headphones both from one power bank then X Star A33 is the best option for you.

5.Ambrane 20000mAh Lithium Polymer Power Banks(Stylo 20K)

Product Details

  • 20,000 mAh battery included
  • Dual input with c type Charging port
  • 349 grams weight
  • Charging light
  • 1100 to 1500 INR

Anyone who wants simply the best quality product surely needs to check this Power Bank out. This is the best economical product with capacity 20,000 mAh. Also, it has a dual output with dual input. You need not carry an extra charging cable because it has c port also for charging. There is a single touch button on the top of the power bank. After just a single touch you can know the battery status of the power bank.

Ambrane company is well known for making batteries for all electronic devices. Stylo 20k comes with high quality layer protection. It gives protection from high temperature, short circuit, input over voltage, output over current and voltage and over charge problem also.

Owing to lithium polymer batteries you need not to worry about battery explosion. Build quality of the power bank is good. Power banks are strong and durable.

6.Anker PowerCore FBA_A1266H11 10000mAH Lithium-ion Power Bank (Black)

Product Details

  • 10,000 MAH Battery
  • lithium battery
  • 181 grams weight
  • 18 month warranty
  • 2300 to 2500 INR

Here, Second option of Anker power core with 10,000 mAh capacity is available for you. Price range of the product is high according to its capacity but it provides the best experience to all users. Quick charge 3.0 provides fast charging to all connected devices.

You can fully charge any device with a battery capacity 4000mAh in 1.2 hours. It is 2 to 3 times faster than general power banks. The weight and size of this professional product is very less so it is easily portable in the pocket also.

Due to temperature control technology your power core remains cool and safe from explosion. Moreover the material used in the power bank is good and durable. It seems attractive in the hand. Quality of cable and pouch comes along with also good. There is only one USB port at the top of the power bank. It is the main issue for people who want to charge two devices simultaneously. 

7.Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i (Sandstone Black) with 18W Fast Charging

Product Details

  • 20,000 mAh battery
  • 3 USB ports with multiple outputs
  • 431 grams of weight
  • lithium-polymer battery
  • 1500 to 1700 INR

Mainly, MI company is famous for economical mobile phones but it also launched some model of power bank in the market nowadays. The main advantage of using this power bank is that it gives you different output power in different USB ports. It can give 5v/2A, 9v/2A and 12v/1.5A output according to the connected device and gives quick charging also.

In general, mobile phones can take 5v/2A and 9v/2A input. You can charge your power bank quickly and charging time totally depends on the output power of the charger.

Also, It has a charging light Which shows how much power remains in the power bank. It also has power saver mode like a mobile phone and tablet. When less than 25% inside the power bank it gives only 5v/2A output. You can choose any color from red, black and white. Weight of any MI product is much more whether it be a mobile phone or power bank. So, it is not more comfortable inside the pocket.  

8.Ambrane 15000mAh Li-Polymer Power bank

Product Details

  • 15,000 MAH battery
  • Dual USB input
  • 6-month warranty
  • 308 grams of weight
  • 900 to 1300 INR

Ambrane PP-20 is a 15,000 mAh power bank which comes with Dual USB Inputs of combined rating of 5V / 2.1A. One USB input has a Micro USB Port and the other one with Type C Port. It has a premium scratchless rubberized finish, high capacity polymer battery and dual input and dual output.

The battery features a compact design which makes it the perfect backup source for mobiles and other devices. the facility bank offers high efficiency and charging conversion rates.

9 layer protection gives you full safety. Stylish U shape design looks excellent in your hand. You need not carry an extra charging cable due to dual input. Charging time with a micro USB port is 10 hours but with a C USB port it’s only 8 to 9 hours. It does not have a flashlight. You can charge your all devices like speaker, headphone and many others.

9.Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank with Ultra High Capacity

Product Details

  • 20,100 MAh battery
  • ultra high capacity
  • touch screen
  • 101 grams of weight
  • 3000 to 3500 INR

The Anker Power Bank 20,100mAh is an impressive bit of kit. With dual USB ports so you’ll charge two devices at an equivalent time, the battery capacity is high, and it’s cleverly tuned to support healthy battery life into the discount . But the thing that the majority jumps out at us is that the 24-month warranty, which is far more generous than the other device on this list.

If you’re the type of early adopter who upgrades their devices regularly, that kind of thing could be wholly irrelevant to you. But if you’re getting to use your power bank throughout subsequent two years, it’s going to rather be a crucial think about your buying decision.

10.Coolnut Power Bank 60000 mAh for All Laptops

Product Details

  • 60,000 mAh battery
  • 3-year warranty
  • 1.27 kg weight
  • 24 li-ion battery included
  • 15,000 to 17,000 INR

If you’re on a trip with a bunch of colleagues who all need their phones,Notebooks and tablets charging at once (or you just have a lot of devices you need to charge yourself) then I recommend to buy Coolnut Power Bank 60,000 mAh.

You can charge your electronic device with a huge battery capacity like a laptop. 24 Li-ion batteries separately included inside it which will help to use power banks long-lasting. Due to 1.27 kg weight, it’s not portable in the pocket but you can carry it in your bag.

Main benefit of this powercore is that you can charge any electronic device which needs upto 150 watt input power. You can charge a DSLR camera and drone also. It can provide more than 2 charges to your laptop and more than 12 charges to your mobile phone after once charging it. Moreover , we can use this huge capacity power bank to run a fan with 150 watt. Even if it can run LED Tv.

There is one great feature it has which is DC to AC converter which enables to charge another battery which adoptar needs AC current but it is a little bit noisy.  

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