Best Mini Refrigerator At Low Price

Why Mini Refrigerator?

I have seen many people are using the mini refrigerator in their home or office to store some small things. In India many students who remain in hostel or PG are also using this type of mini-fridge. In a simple way for a single person, the size and capacity of the mini-refrigerators are the best. Moreover, you can use it in your office to store cold drinks and some crunches for your guest.

Likewise, a mini-refrigerator can also be used in your bedroom, office space, vehicle, home-office, and so on. Even, you can keep one in under your kitchen counter. So, if you want to store or chill your foods or beverages in a compact space where you can’t accommodate a standard refrigerator, you will love a mini-refrigerator.

 Most students snack, and a few regularly eat one or more meals every day in their room. Unless your diet consists of all packaged foods, you will need a touch fridge to store your perishable food and drinks. Typical mini-fridge sizes for dorm rooms are the cube, with 1.5 to 1.8 cubic feet (0.14 to 0.17 square meters) of storage capacity, and therefore the mid-size, with 2.5 to 2.7 cubic feet (0.2 to (0.25 square meters).

If you are confused about which mini refrigerator is best for your use then you will find the solution in this article. I have suggested 10 different refrigerators with their features and where you have to use it according to its capacity. I have provided all guidance to buy it so follow than and take next step to buy your favorite and stylish mini-fridge.

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Benefits Of Mini Refrigerator

  • Space-saving design
  • Cheap price
  • Saves energy
  • Portable
  • Compact and stylish

Top 10 Models

1.Haier 52 L 3 Star ( 2019 ) Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator(HR-62VS, Silver)

Key Features

  • 3-star energy rating
  • size is 48.5 x 45 x 47.5 cm
  • 1-year warranty on refrigerator and 5-year warranty on compressor
  • Antifungal gasket
  • Ice zone and more storage space
  • stabilizer free operation
  • Price range 7000 to 9000 INR

While searching on the internet, I have found that Haier 52 L 3 Star ( 2019 ) Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator is the most sold mini refrigerator at the online market place. The capacity range of the mini-fridge is come between 30 L to 120 L in general and 52L litter is mid-range of that so better for a single person to use it.

The style of the refrigerator is cool and best. Size is very compact compared to others. Also, you will get a 1-year warranty on the refrigerator and a 5-year warranty on the compressor.

The location of the ice zone is at the top corner with 6L capacity and ice tray. This refrigerator from Haier has an inbuilt stabilizer that helps the fridge to work reliably and prevents it from electrical damage during voltage fluctuations. Smart inverter technology runs at a low noise level and provides faster cooling. Inside the fridge, you will find one shelf with durable white fiber material. Polyurethane rigid foam insulation on the door helps to maintain a low temperature for efficient cooling.

2.Whirlpool 46 L 3 Star ( 2020 ) Mini Refrigerator (65 W-ATOM PRM 3S, Steel)

Key Features

  • 3-star energy rating
  • 1-year warranty on refrigerator and 10-year warranty on compressor
  • Size is 47.4 x 44.7 x 49.6 (cm)
  • 7 different temperature settings
  • Glass shelf
  • price range 8,000 to 10,000 INR

Whirlpool 46 L 3 Star ( 2020 ) Mini Refrigerator (65 W-ATOM PRM 3S, Steel) comes with a capacity of 46 liters, which is perfect for 1-2 people or even holding cold drinks and snacks for an office team. One can stack up to 11 full water bottles, 90 tetra packs with a capacity of 200 ml, and up to 30 cans.

For ease of use and better organization, there are 2 door racks in this refrigerator. Whirlpool gives its users a warranty of one year on this product and 10-year warranty coverage on the compressor. The compressor is the most important part of a refrigerator. A lot depends on the safety and health of the compressor that ensures the quality and durability of a fridge.

There is a separate freezer section to store frozen dessert and other frozen delights. With seven adjustable cooling modes, you’ll choose the right temperature for all of your cooling needs. Also, there are two door racks available in the refrigerator to store cold drinks, water bottles, and juices, etc. Plus, the stabilizer-free operation makes this mini-fridge to face up to high voltage fluctuations.

3.Leonard-USA Mini Refrigerator Double Door 110L with Separate Deep Freezer Compartment 

Key Features

  • Double door mini refrigerator
  • 110L Capacity
  • Automatic defrost system
  • Mixture of plastic used as a material
  • price range 13000 to 15000 INR

Leonard-USA Mini Refrigerator has a unique design with a double door. Most of mini-fridges comes with a single door. Main thing is that in mini fridge, fridger comes inside it but in this refrigerator fridger also comes seprate in the top part. Automated defrost system removes useless ice from the fridge and makes it clean.

If you have not space to put big single door refrigerator than you can buy this type of refrigerator. Price range is also low according to its style,look and features. If you want professional look in your office, home and where ever than you should put this kind of refrigerator there.

Antifungal gasket stop to be bacteria and fungi inside it and it can help to preserve the food for long duration. Even If sometimes due to problems your refrigerator remains off, due to inbuilt stabilizer you can preserve you food inside it. Material of the whole body is the mixture of plastic and fiber. Moreover, inside it shelf is comes with glass material so its increases the beauty of your refrigerator.

4.Godrej 30 L Qube Personal Cooling Solution

Key Features

  • 30L Capacity
  • Aluminum shelf
  • 0.57 kWh energy consumption per day
  • Dimension 47 x 44 x 46 Centimetres
  • Warranty  1 year
  • price range from 6000 to 7000 INR

 Godrej is one of those brands that keep these small things in mind, this attention to small details and knowledge about what their customers seek makes Godrej a good brand for electronics. Godrej Qube is the smallest fridge in the market. There is no ice compartment inside it. You can only store small things like milk, water, and juice.

Size of the refrigerator is very small so that you can also put it in your car or any other vehicle which can provide Another great factor about this product is that it can run on the home inverter and does not need a stabilizer. And its thermoelectric cooling technology makes the food and beverages fresh for a longer period.

Moreover, it consumes very little energy per day. Dimension is also less. With just 11 kgs in weight, one can easily carry it to different places without much help. People who are looking for a mini refrigerator with a very cheap price and size than the Godrage Qube is the perfect product for whom.

5.Koryo by Big Bazaar 45 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Key Features

  • 45L Capacity
  • 5-year warranty on compressor and 1 year on the refrigerator
  • 0.21 KWh Energy Consumption Per Day
  • Ice and egg tray
  • toughened glass shelves
  • price range from 7000 to 7500 INR

Koryo by Big Bazaar is one of the best refrigerators with total capacity 45L. 40L space inside it available to store milk, water, juice, and vegetable, etc. and another 5L space is available for ice zone. Inbuilt ice and egg tray comes with it. It is suitable to be used as a personal bedroom refrigerator or can be used to store cool beverages. 

The Koryo Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator is one such product that is highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly. It only consumes 0.21 kWh of energy per day. The shelves are built with toughened glass. So, each of them can bear about 100 kgs. Overall, it can be a good pick. You will get a 5 year warranty on the compressor and 1-year warranty on refrigerator parts.

The refrigerator runs without any noise. Exterior made with high-quality metal. Most mini fridges need an external stabilizer to deal with fluctuating voltages but not this one. This appliance can simply run without a stabilizer. Refrigerator Comes with the elegant silver hairline color to enhance the look of your kitchen.

6.Mitashi 52 L 2 Star ( 2019 ) Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Key Features

  • 2 Star Rating
  • 4L freezer capacity
  • 45 x 48 x 51 Cm dimension
  • 0.62 kWh energy consumption per day
  • steel material
  • big bottle guard in the door 

Mitashi provides innovative solutions to satisfy customer needs. Mitashi is into electronics, toys, and games. Their list of products includes a TV, microwave, washing machine, refrigerators, home theatres, and much more. The mini-fridge features a capacity of 46L and features a direct cooling facility. Also, it’s a 2-star energy efficient fridge and features a compartment for the freezer. It requires to defrost manually.

The Mitashi single door refrigerator comes with R600A refrigerant that has zero effect on the ozone layer and is a great substitute for other refrigerants that may negatively impact our ecology.

There is a separate freezer section to store frozen dessert and other frozen delights. With seven adjustable cooling modes, you’ll choose the right temperature for all of your cooling needs. Also, there are two door racks to store water bottles, cold drinks, and juices, etc. Plus, the stabilizer-free operation makes this mini-fridge to face up to high voltage fluctuations.

7.Mitashi 87 L 2 Star ( 2019 ) Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Key Features

  • 2 Star Rating
  • 87L Capacity
  • 0.55 KWh Energy Consumption Per Day
  • 22kg weight

Anyone who needs the mini-refrigerator with capacity more than average than Mitashi 87 L 2 Star ( 2019 ) Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator is the best product for them. It consumes very little energy and gives efficient cooling. You can control the temperature manually with the button. Glass shelves increase the beauty of the inside part of the refrigerator.

People love how easy to use this fridge is. It has durable shelves and a separate freezer compartment, which is rarely in mini-fridges. A different freezer compartment makes it easier for one to compartmentalize their fridge to produce and organize better. The weight of the fridge is very low so that only one person can move it from here to there.

We can easily store cold drinks, water and some other things for 2 person. This mini refrigerator has a direct cooling system which ensures faster and perfect cooling and superb thermodynamic performance at low cost. Mitashi 87 L 2 Star comes with 2-Star energy rating that saves both energy and money.

8.Godrej 99L 1 Star ( 2019 ) Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RD CHAMP 114 WRF 1.2 WIN RED, Wine Red)

Key Features

  • 99L capacity
  • 48 x 56.80 x 85 Cm Dimension
  • 1-star energy rating
  • 0.85 kWh energy consumption per day
  • wine red color
  • price range 10000 to 12000 INR

This mini-fridge is ideal for a compact office kitchenette, small room, bedroom, a nuclear family of common hostel area, and a minibar. It comes with a door lock that can help you keep it out of reach from children or if you want to keep the contents of your fridge out of bounds from prying coworkers or hostel mates.

The size and the design both are ideal for using in your home or dorm room. Additionally, this mini refrigerator comes with a lot of features. For instance, it comes with built-in stabilizers, energy-efficient light, additional freezer compartment, vegetable tray, bottle guard, and more. Also, you will love the wire shelves because of their weight capacity and durability.

There is not an automatic defrosting feature available in the freeze. You need to do defrost manually just by pressing one button every 2 days. It consumes only 0.85 kWh energy per day which is very less. Also, wine red color increases the beauty of the place where you will put the refrigerator.

9.Kitchoff Black 50 Litre Aluminium & Glass Door Mini fridge for Home, Office and Mini Bar

Key Features

  • 50L capacity
  • 1 shelf of glass
  • 14 kg of weight
  • 1-year warranty
  • 50 x 46 x 43 cm dimension
  • compact size

The Kirchoff Aluminium & Glass Mini Refrigerator is one of the best mini-refrigerators in India. It is made up of a prime quality aluminum body and has a toughened glass door. The quality of the material used in this product is top-notch and adds durability. With the capacity of 50 liters, it has sufficient space to hold food for a group of 2-3 people.

This small refrigerator comes in a sleek and compact design that seamlessly merges with all modern decors, be it office or college dorm aesthetic. The dimensions of Kitchoff Aluminium and Glass Mini Refrigerator are 501 x 465 x 430 mm, and its product weight is just 14 kgs. These dimensions and weight make it very portable and easy to shift around.

There are 5 different temperature settings that can be changed and shifted by an adjustable button. These settings are from 1 to 5, while 1 stands for the warmest temperature setting; the coldest stands at number 5. Having varied temperatures makes this fridge not just useful for the summer season but can be used in winters as well.

10.Whirlpool 93L 2 Star ( 2019 ) Mini Refrigerator (115 W-ATOM PRM 2S, Steel)

Key Features

  • 93L capacity
  • 2-star energy rating
  • 1-year warranty on the refrigerator, 10-year warranty on compressor
  • 3 shelves
  • external steel material

Whirlpool mini-refrigerator comes with a 100 liters capacity and is specially designed for use in tropical climates. This fridge has been divided into three separate compartments with toughened glass shelves in between that can hold up to 93L liters securely. These shelves are also adjustable and so you can modify it to store food items in large containers as well.

There’s a separate vegetable compartment to maintain optimal moisture levels for freshness. This mini fridge also has a dedicated freezer compartment with three-door racks for storing bottles, egg trays, and other smaller items. The Whirlpool mini-refrigerator allows you to adjust 7 different temperatures according to environment. These 7 cooling ranges give one great selection to choose from and make this fridge relevant for not just summers but around the year.

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