Power Banks Buying Guide

 You’ve got questions? Wondering what’s the most economical method of buying a durable power bank? What power to even consider buying? How to choose a power bank? Hold on, we’ve got you covered

Many times, while online shopping for electronic products like power banks, most people are deceived by merchants.

I’ve often seen with my own eyes that when people buy a power bank of 10,000 MAh and open it, the small battery of an early Nokia phone comes out. This is how traders fool people. So, that’s why a Power bank buying guide is more than necessary!

Why Should You Consider Buying a Power Bank?


Mobile phones are extremely important in every person’s life. Nowadays, most people use smartphones and other heavy electronic gadgets. The device is useful since it reduces your dependency on the availability of an electrical outlet to charge your phone and helps you stay connected at all points in time. On the weekend most people use their phones the whole day, and they often get notifications of battery low, but with the help of a power bank, they can keep their phone fully charged.

Power banks are more important for travelers. You can charge your phone anywhere on public transport or in your own vehicle. A person who works on night duty also should buy a power bank for charging safety reasons. Moreover, the power bank is compact and small, so you can use it anywhere at any time.[/su_note]

Here, in this power banks buying guide, I will guide you step by step to buying a power bank for your personal use and answer questions like, “How to buy a power bank?”. Also, In another article, I have suggested some best power banks at a low budget. To check out these power bank reviews, click here. For more buying guides on other products, check out our site’s home page.

Factors Worth Considering When Buying a Power Bank

These are some features you should definitely be on the lookout for when buying a power bank. Some of these are crucial while others, pleasant bonuses. Let’s get started!

1) Decide A Budget For Power Banks

Before we buy any product, we should decide our budget invest in that product. According to me, instead of doing a long time and more investment like a refrigerator and Ac, you should invest less money for 2 to 3 years because most small electronic devices work properly for 2 to 3 years after buying them. So, invest less money according to your requirement and change the product after using 3 to 4 years. Therefore you can use the latest and new product from the best power bank brands.


Below, I’ve given the price range according to the capacity of power banks.

Power Bank Capacity Price Range
Below 3,000 mAh 250 to 400 INR
3,000 to 6,000 mAh 350 to 700 INR
6,000 to 9,000 mAh 500 to 800 INR
9,000 to 12,000 mAh 800 to 1000 INR
12,000 to 14,000 mAh 900 to 1200 INR
14,000 to 19,000 mAh 1000 to 1300 INR
19,000 mAh & above 1300 to 1800 INR

2) Decide Charge Capacity

This is the most important factor in the power bank’s buying guides. Do you have to ask the question; which device you want to charge through your new power bank? Then open your device’s setting menu, go inside the battery area and check the battery capacity of your device. Also, ask yourself another question: where and when you want to use your new device? That means during travel, at your office, at home, or night duty job.

Now, I hope you have found the answer to your question. Don’t tell me the answers to these questions but keep it in your mind, it will help you decide the capacity of the power bank which you need. Here in the following section, I have categorized the power banks according to their capacity which will help you in getting a perfect power bank according to your answers to my questions.

Find yourself wondering…

How Big of a Power Bank Do I Need?

The size of a power bank corresponds to the battery capacity. So, which power bank should I buy? In this case, a small power bank would be sufficient for a phone, but for tablets and Ipads, you would require a slightly bigger power bank. Some phones such as the Huawei Mates need medium-sized power banks, so please check the power bank battery capacity (and power bank sizes) before buying! This also goes to show the importance of a power bank buying guide.

Small Power Banks ( Below 6000 mAh )


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Nowadays, we all are using smartphones and the battery capacity of each smartphone is between 3000 mAh to 6000 mAh. If you want to use a power bank only on weekends to keep fully charged your phone when you are at home, then this capacity power bank is best for you. This product is not perfect for people who want to use it daily. Normally, We can use 70% to 80% power of the power bank due to transmission loss means the usable charge on a 6000 mAh power bank would be only 4500 mAh to 4800 mAh.

CheaperSingle Charge
Small size and CompactNot for Tablet Charging
Easily Portable

Medium Power Banks (6000 mAh to 14000 mAh)


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The medium size power bank is best for people who have to charge their phone twice after leaving the home in the morning and before returning home in the evening and they remain far from the electric plug. In short, a better option for those who want to use it daily. With a 14,000 mAh power bank, you can charge your 4000 mAh smartphone battery 2.5 to 3 times. Also, you can use this on any long trip.

More EconomicalNot Good Enough for Multiple Device Charging
Best in GeneralSingle Charge
Easily Portable

Large Power Banks ( 14000 mAh to 20000 mAh)


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A large power bank is a better option for a person who has to charge multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, speakers, etc. You can charge your phone 4 to 5 times or even more and your tablet 3 to 4 times from this power bank. This power bank is specially designed for people who frequently go on long trips.

Good for Office UseMore Weight
Multiple Device ChargingMore Expensive
Best for College StudentsNot Portable

Very Large Power Banks (More Than 20000 mAh )


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People who are using big electronic devices like laptops should buy very large power banks. In the market 50,000 mAh special power bank available for laptop charging. You can charge your smartphone 10 to 12 times from this power bank. A normal person can use this power bank for 10 days without charging. When you go on the trip with your whole family, and you carry this type of power bank in your bag then it can provide charging to all the smartphones of your family member.

Good for Laptop ChargingWeight Problem
A better Option for a Long TripVery Expensive
Multiple Output Current SocketsNot Portable

3) Li-ion Vs Li-polymer Battery

In general, there is no more differences between both batteries in the power supply but there are some specifications for both batteries which I will explain here.

powebank-li-po-300x300 Li-Po Power Bank

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powebank-li-ion-300x230 Li-ion Power Bank

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  • Li-Polymers batteries

Commonly known as LiPo batteries, these batteries are generally robust and versatile, especially when it involves the dimensions and shape of their build. They’re also lightweight, have a particularly low profile, and have a lower chance of getting affected by leaking. On the other hand, when compared to Li-ion batteries, Li-Po batteries are more costly to the manufacturer and they have lower energy densities (a lesser amount of power can be stored).

This type of battery does not lose its actual charging capacity after overtime charging. There is no need to worry about explosions. It’s totally safe from explosions. But Li-po batteries are more expensive and take more time to charge compared to Li-ion batteries. Moreover, the power transfer rate is also low compared to Li-ion batteries.

What power bank should you buy? Read on to find out our recommendation!

  • Li-ion battery

These batteries are well known for their high energy densities (more power can be stored), they are cheaper when compared to Lithium Polymer batteries. Lithium-ion batteries lack the memory effect (when batteries become harder to change over time) and suffer aging when not in use. Li-ion batteries also have a history of explosions.

The good thing with lithium-ion batteries is that they don’t self-discharge quickly. This means that you can put a charged battery away for a long and even after months, it would have a large percentage of its charge left for your use.

Even though it isn’t all good with these lithium-ion batteries. They tend to age and it continues to happen even if the battery is not being used. So it decreases its capacity to retain charge over a periodof your timeeven when left unused.

Fact Li-ion Battery Li po Battery
Weight More than Li po battery Lightweight
Energy Density High Low
Chance of Explosion When its overcharged Not at all
Price Cheaper Expensive
Aging Lose actual capacity on overtime charging Does not lose actual capacity
Charging Duration Long Short

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Which Power Bank Battery is Good?

An economical option is a Li-ion battery, the only nondesirable con is the charging duration. If you can afford to spend a few more bucks, I would definitely suggest the Li-po battery, since the pros are more desirable. This is the best power bank battery in 2021.

4) Number Of Ports In power banks

Ask yourself: has there ever been a situation where you have to charge multiple devices at once? If your answer is positive, then you must buy a power bank with multiple ports. So you can charge your smartphone and Bluetooth headphones at a single time. I have seen that most business people have two phones. One for personal use and another for business purposes. They should also buy a power bank with multiple ports.power-bank-ports-1-300x169

There is one single port available in every small power bank but In medium and large power banks there are multiple ports available. If you want fast charging from both ports, then the output voltage and current from each port must be 5v and 2A or 9v and 1.67A. Otherwise, you can also buy a power bank whose output from one port is 2A and the output from another port is 1A.

With this power bank, you can charge your smartphone from a 2A port and other devices like headphones, gaming devices, and speakers from a 1A port.

Furthermore, check the charging port. You should buy a power bank with the same charging port as your mobile phone charging port. So, you don’t have to carry extra cable in your bag wherever you go.


5) Size And Weight

If you need to carry a power bank in your pocket then you should buy a small and medium-size power bank. Also, a small and medium power bank is not heavier so it’s easily portable in the pocket. For charging your laptop from the power bank, you have to buy a very large and heavy power bank but don’t worry you can carry it with your laptop in a laptop bag.

It all concludes that for regular use, you should buy a small and medium power bank. Only when traveling, you should buy a large power bank, and for your laptop, you should buy a huge power bank.

Since the size also depends on the power capacity, the most powerful power bank will have the largest size, in most cases as discussed above.

Our Recommendation

Still wondering which power bank is good?

1.Anker PowerCore


Why we love It

  • 10,000 mAh
  • 2 USB ports and a total of 3 ports
  • lED indicator
  • 177 grams of weight
  • 18-month warranty
  • 1400 to 1800 INR

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Best Warranty Time PeriodExpensive
2 USB Ports

Anker is one of the best power bank brands on the market today with its power output, ease of transport, and multi-use. If we were to rank these products as top 5 power banks, Anker would still dominate the list!

For a complete review on the best power banks to buy, read this article.

6) LED Indicator

Some power banks feature LED lights that let you see how much charge is left in the bank. Usually, four or five lights that glow when the bank is full and go out as the power is drained. This is particularly useful if you’ve got a larger bank and need to know how much charge is left inside. The problem of overcharging also vanishes with the help of aLED indicator.

7) Solar Panel In Power Banks

These days, this product is new to the market. Each solar energy bank is supplemented by the embedded solar array. This provides solar support and emergency power cop because it recharges the facility bank on exposure to the sun. We can charge any electronic device up to 5 volts from these solar power banks. It saves electricity.

8) Wireless Power Bank

Nowadays, you find wireless charging hardly in the Indian market because it is totally new technology. Wireless chargers transfer energy through the inductor coil. This product is very expensive. The power loss occurs the most during energy transfer from this product to the charging product. Still wondering what is the power bank to buy? or if you want more buying guides on wireless power banks then you can check another article on it.

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How to Buy a Power Bank?

Although, we’ve extensively talked about the factors in this power bank buying guide, here’s a condensed version with more tips.

The first thing you’re supposed to look for is the charge capacities of both the phone and the power bank, make sure these match. Secondly, think about the budget rather than buying the best power bank of 2021 or any other pricey branded item, think about your requirements.

Another tip is to look for the inputs and output outlets, sometimes these don’t match with your gadgets. This should be at the top of every ‘how to buy a power bank’ list, judging by the number of times it is forgotten and overlooked.

Then go for the extra features, such as multi-use and solar pannel features mentioned above.

Wondering which power bank should you buy? Read our product reviews.

Conclusion: Which Power Bank is Best to Buy?

We’ve gone over a list of features to look out for, but 90% of the time, not all the power banks will possess ALL of these features. So the question remains, which power bank is the best buy? Well, that is a subjective matter. It depends on what specs you’re looking for and your budget. We hope this guide will help you decide accordingly!

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