Hair Straightener Buying Guide

In the world, We all have different choices in style, product and many things. Some women have curly hair then they like straight hair and people who have straight hair then they like curly hair. To do this transformation, Earlier people used a fire in pot to give a heat to the hair but nowadays we have a best solution to do this transformation and that is hair straightener.

In short, By using a hair straightener, you can make your hair smooth and stylish as you wish. If you want to use this hair straightener in the salon then you should buy that kind of product which works on all types of hair means invest some more money in that but for personal use  you do not need to invest more money but invest according to your hair type.

Before using or buy a hair straightener you should know some things about that product. You must find the answer to some question like which type of hair straightener is more suitable for your hair type? Which one is best according to your budget? Here, I will help you to find the answer to this type of question and I will try my best, so you can get the best product. Read the whole article for more information.

These days when we go to the market to buy any product it’s a little bit confusing because of more products and more brands. Further, In this article i will guide you step by step for selecting the right product.

Some Factors To Consider In Hair Straightener

1. Budget For Hair Straightener

In the market you can find all products as expensive as you want but you should decide your budget limit to invest on that product. Also, a hair  straightener is not a thing to invest more money for personal use but if you want to use it for business purposes means in a salon then you must invest some more money  for a more durable product. Here, below price table is given according to type of product. So, read the table and decide your budget.

Plate TypePrice RangeSuitable For
ceramic plate500 to 1700 INRFine and thin hair
Aluminium1000 to 2000 INRFrizzy hair
Tourmaline2000 to 3000 INRcurly and damaged hair
TeflonBelow 1000 INROnly for thin hair
Titanium3000 INR and above Thick hair

2. Choose plate Material of Hair Straightener

a). Ceramic Plates

Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener (Black)

Ceramic plate hair straighteners are more economical and budget friendly. Hair straighteners with ceramic plates are classic, simple and provides you a more reliable result. This kind of hair straightener is most sold in the market these days. Main advantage of ceramic plates is that it distributes heat evenly within the whole plate so every single hair gets an equivalent heat. Also, Ceramic plates are corrosion free and more durable.

Ceramic is not a pure metal so its thermal conductivity is lower than metal and it produces less heat so your hair is not damaged. For thin hair ceramic plate hair straightener is best because after switching off ceramic plate retain heat and thereupon bit of warmth you’ll make your thin hair stylish with none damage. But When you are using it be careful because if It drops from your hand may it will break.

b). Tourmaline Plates

Tourmaline plate hair straightener is more batter for curly and frizzy hair because it’s highly effective at coldness .

Mainly, In all types of hair straightener plate does not come with a single material but it comes with a mixture of metal and iron. Tourmaline plates also called ionic plates.

Tourmaline is ceramic coated with gemstone and it is present in a couple of parts of plates. When we give the electricity to the machine Tourmaline which remains in the plate loss the positive ions and the plate become negatively charged. When you take a machine in contact with your hair’s positive ions Which remain in frizzy hair it becomes neutral and your hair becomes straight.

c). Titanium Plates

Products with this plate are the latest in the market. Titanium plate hair straightener is costlier but the most benefit is that it works with all kinds of hair.

Mainly this one is best for use in the salon because after changing the temperature setting you can use it with all types of hair from thin to thick. I strongly recommend that for personal use, if your hair is thick then you should buy this type of machine otherwise go for other budget-friendly machines.

Titanium is a better conductor than the ceramic and tourmaline. So, This plate heated up quickly ( It takes less than 30 seconds). Also, Titanium plate is more durable and corrosion free. But you may have to worry about intense heat because it gets so hot in a few moments. There is a more possibility to wreck your hair while employing a titanium plate machine.

d). Aluminium And Ionic Plates

Aluminium plate hair straightener is extremely old within the market. This one provides direct heat to your hair. If your hair is more thin than you should not use this type of machine because it makes your hair brittle. Moreover aluminium plates take  a long time to heat up. All over this type of product is less sold in the market.

Every metallic plate produces negative ions but specially ionic means it produces more negative ions than average. So, It specially makes for frizzy hair which one has more negative ions.

e). Wet To Dry Hair Straightener

Regular hair straighteners and wet to dry hair straighteners has no more difference and it looks exactly similar. However, they are different in functionality. Wet to dry hair straighteners make hair dry while straightening hair.

The steam technology is the extra quality of wet to dry hair straighteners. Buy the best hair straightener to avoid the undesired consequences. There is a chance to burn your hair with a common hair dryer and straightener at high temperatures. Even if before using wet to dry hair straightener dry your 80% hair.

3. Select Size Of Plate

Size or width of the hair straightener plate varies from 0.5 inch to 2.5 inch. But you’ve got to settle on plate width consistent with your hair type and hair length. Here, I make a table so it becomes easy to select the right size of plate for you.

0.5 Inch Plate
1.5 inch plate
1 inch plate

Normal Hair
Length of hairWidth Of Plate
Short hair0.5 to 2.5 inch
Medium hair1 to 2 inch
Long hair1.5 to 2 inch
Curly and Thick Hair
Length of hairWidth Of Plate
Short hair0.5 to 1.5 inch
Medium hair1 to 2 inch
Long hair1.5 to 2 inch
Fine and Thin Hair
Length of hairWidth Of Plate
All lengthAny size of plate

If your hair is short then you should buy a hair straightener with short plate length so you can easily make it stylish. But your hair is longer then you should buy a machine with long plates for fast straightening.

4. Temperature Guide

After selecting the plate material and plate size you’ve got to pick the temperature feature of your product. Most machines will allow you to set temperature according to your hair type but some cheaper hair straighteners do not provide this feature. It has a predetermined temperature setting and you will have to work only at that temperature.

Titanium plate hair straightener works on all kinds of hair if it’s in-built temperature control features. To use it with the frizzy hair you have to set high temperature and to use with normal hair work at medium temperature. If your hair is very thin you should set a low temperature and turn off the switch of power supply if needed and after continue work.  

It all concludes that temperature setting is more important to prevent damage to your hair. Here, I will explain about it.

Type Of HairTemp. Range Temp. Range
Thick and curly hair350-410 ⁰F176- 210 ⁰C
Normal and medium hair340-380 ⁰F171- 190 ⁰C
Damaged and thin hair250-300 ⁰F121-148 ⁰C

5. Weight And Grip

Weight factor is additionally important at a time of shopping for hair straightener. In the market you find some product with more weight than other products.

If you are buying for your personal use then you need not worry about weight because you will not use it for a long time but if you want to use it in the salon then make the sure the weight of your product is normal so you are not feeling the strain in your arm even after straightening the hair of your all customers. The weight of a small machine should be 0.5 kg to 1 kg and for a big machine, weight should be 1 kg to 1.5 kg.

With the weight You should also notice the grip of the machine because if you can not hold it properly then you can not work perfectly. If your hand is small then you should buy a small machine or machine with a smaller handle than the body part otherwise go for which one is perfect for your hand grip.

6. Other Features In Hair Straightener

a). Heat up Time

Heat up time means time taken by plates to heat up to the desired temperature. More expensive titanium plate hair straightener takes less than 30 seconds to heat up plates due to more thermal conductivity but old products with aluminium plates take a long time. Ceramic and a Tourmaline plate hair straightener takes less than a minute.

b). Temperature Gauge

Being able to adjust the heat level to precise temperatures can be helpful as not all temperatures will suit your hair type, hair care regime, or the effect you are trying to achieve.

High temperatures will result in rapid, effective straightening of hair, but may cause heat damage over time if you’re a regular user. Likewise, lower temperatures are more suitable for thin, delicate, or damaged hair, but will still be able to straighten your hair. 

c). Auto Shut Off

Mainly In all the latest electronic products, you find out this feature. This is a feature that every single straightener must-have, but there are some that lack it.

Auto shut-off allows you to use your iron worry-free, and if you happen to forget to turn it off before you leave the house or salon, it will simply deactivate all on its own. It’s to prevent overheat straightener.

d). Sensor Technology

One of the most important problems with hair straighteners, even professional models, tends to heat distribution. Sensor technology provides a correct heat distribution within the whole plate automatically. Improper heat distribution can damage your hair.

e). Length Of Power Cord

Before buying a product measure the space between your dresser and power plug. Otherwise go with the longest cord. Furthermore, buy a straightener with 360⁰ swivel cord. It prevents twisting and tangling of cord while it is in use.

7. Choose Your Style And Brand

This is the final thing to choose at a time of buying straightener according to your choice. Choose the right color and design of hair straightener. Select a slik design Which attracts your customer in the salon or  makes your dressing table cool.

When you want to buy a local product then brands no matter but in professional market brand always metters. There are many famous brands like Philips, Havells, Syska, Nova, Kemei, Babyliss pro, Canair, Hot tools, HSI, Remington, Bio Ionic, Solia, Rusk, Izunami, CHI, Croc etc.

Now I hope that you are ready to buy a product. If you have any doubt about straightener then ask us in the comment. Our team will reply to you in 24 hours.

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