Buying Guide on Headphone

You can have many reasons to buy headphones. Maybe you just saw someone wearing headphones and thought, I should get one as well, or you may have some other reasons.

So, that’s why, In this article, I will provide you with some compelling reasons to buy the specific kind of headphones/earphones.

But before we begin our detailed buying guide on headphone, here are a few brief reasons:

  • The main purpose of headphones is to listen to sound clearly, and for that, you need quality headphones/earphones to get the best experience. Quality headphones are not cheap, but they are accurate.
  • While listening through headphones you transition into another private world, which can help you relax especially when you are tired.
  • Earphones have its own benefits, you can use it to listen to music or take calls while driving your car or bike.
  • Noise-canceling headphones can provide a lot of benefits and privacy. Especially if you are working in a chaotic environment, or maybe you want some privacy. Noise-cancellations is great for avoiding disturbance

If you have any of these reasons then stay with me on how to buy earphones guide, as in the end, you will be able to decide to buy headphones in india according to your preferences! .

Factors to Consider Before Buying Headphones

1. Budget

In this world, everyone does not have the same economical situation. Therefore, the first factor you should consider before choosing which headphones to buy is your budget limit. All of us have different limitations on our budgets. Keeping that in mind, I will guide you and suggest the best products for every budget range on how to buy earphones guide in the table below. That’s how you will find an overview of options in your budget range:

Budget Guide
Budget Product Type
below 500 INR earphone
500 to 1300 INR wired headphone
above 1300 INR Bluetooth headphone, Air pods, earbuds, etc.

 A high budget can get you quality headphones with a lot of features, but If your budget is low I suggest you buy an earphone rather than a cheap headphone or earbuds.  

2. Types

The second factor you need to consider before you buy headphones in india is the type that you want in that budget. Essentially, there are three types of headphones available, In-ear headphones (earphones), On-ear headphones, around-ear headphones. So let’s discuss all three of them in detail in our headphones buying guide.

a). In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones are also known as earbuds, and they are the smallest type of headphones. The main benefit of in-ear headphones is that you can fit them in your pocket, and they are portable. If you are looking for a more detailed guide on in-ear headphones, check out our article on the Top 10 Models of an in-ear headphone.

  • They are compact and portable
  • You can put them in your pocket
  • Microphone and volume control
Most of them are affordableModerate noise cancellation
Travel FriendlyUncomfortable for longer intervals
Fits well with glassesSound is not clear like headphones
Easily fit into your earsyThe wires can get entangled

b). On-ear Headphones

Another category of headphones on buying guide on headphone is On-ear. These type of headphones fit around your ear instead of going inside it, and the good thing about them they don’t pop out like in-ear headphones.

  • Medium weight and easily portable
  • Does not require a bag to carry
  • Microphone and controls on ear-cup
Better Battery in Bluetooth onesUncomfortable after 5-6 hours
Better Sound Quality Than earbudsAverage noise isolation
Price is average for most

c). Around ear headphones

An around-ear headphone covers your whole ear and compared to others, they are expensive headphones. So, when deciding on which headphones to buy, they can be a costly but well supported option.

  • No compromise with sound quality
  • Good noise isolation
  • Great for public places
Available in both Wired and Wireless It's too bulky
Available in both mid & high range budgetYour ear feels hot.
They usually have comfortable foamingUncomfortable with glasses

3. Choose Features

Before you buy a headphone from our “how to buy earphones guide”, you have to figure out which features you want in your headphones. There are many different features available in headphones/earphones which I will discuss below. Simply put, a better budget will get you better features.

a). Wireless Or Wired?


Wireless HeadphonesWired Headphones
They offer mobility They never have signal issues
Don't require a power sourceYou don't need to charge them
Can connect to any device with BluetoothThey are affordable

b). Truly wireless Or Wireless?

Truly WirlessWireless
Zero Wires InvolvedThey are safer to carry
They are more compactUsually have better batteries

c). Noise Cancelling

d). Closed-back Or Open back?

e). Microphone

f). Sports Features And Collapsible ear cups

g). Comfort

4. Select Style

Final Thoughts:

So, this was our buying guide on headphone. As you know, headphones are a fun accessory, but buying a quality one matters. For a music enthusiast, it is always better to buy quality headphones for the best experience.

Quality wireless headphones can enhance this experience even further. But if you have a low budget then opting for a wired in-ear headphone is not a bad idea. I surely hope that you manage to get your answer from this buying guide. If you are still confused, feel free to comment down below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sony included in the top 10 headphone brands in the world?

Yes, Sony along with the companies like JBL and Bose can be easily included in these top 10 headphone brands.

What is the first thing to consider in the headphones buying guide, as you chose one for yourself?

Both budget and feasibility are and should be the top priority for most users. However, if you have extra bucks to spare then in this headphones guide, you should definitely check the brand type.

What is the best store to buy headphones in India?

It can be easily said that is the best e-commerce store for headphone shopping. But before you head over there and purchase wireless headphones for yourself, you should definitely check out this guides on “how to buy headphones”.


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