Buying Guide on Headphone

Why a person should buy a headphone or earphone?

You have many reasons to shop for headphones but I will be able to offer you reasonable reasons to shop for headphones during this guide headphone. Maybe it also happens that you simply have seen headphones on anyone’s ear or neck and you’ve got a desire to shop for it. Here are some pretty good reasons for a better music experience which I will explain to you people.

  • You all know the main purpose to buy a headphone is to listen to clear sound. For better music experience you should have a good quality headphone. It might be a little expensive but it gives you world class music. If you have no more budget then you should buy an ear phone for more accurate sound.
  • After wearing the headphone you can give time to yourself leaving behind the whole world. When you are too tired after doing any work and you wear your headphone, listen to music with some more loud sound then you feel relaxed.
  • Earphone has also it’s own benefits. When you drive a bike, car or any other vehicle you can easily reply to your phone calls and also you can listen music at a time of traveling and you can enjoy your journey.
  • If you are working at a noisy and chaotic place and you don’t want to hear outside noise then you must buy a noise cancelling headphone. If you want someone not to disturb you at any place, you should wear a headphone or earphone to concentrate on your work.

Some Factors

1. Budget

In this world, everyone has not the same economical situation. Therefore, the most considerable factor in the buying guide on headphone or earphones is determine your budget limit. We all have limits on money to spend on anything. I will guide you and suggest the best product according to your budget. Even if you have a low budget, don’t worry. I am here for you.

budget product type
below 500 INR earphone
500 to 1300 INRwired headphone
above 1300 INRBluetooth headphone,
Air pods,
earbuds etc.

Here it’s better for you to buy a earphone rather buy a cheap headphone or earbuds. As more your budget as good quality headphone you can get with more and more features.

2. Types (Main part of Guide on headphone)

Second factor in a buying guide on headphone is to choose a type of headphone. There are three main types of headphone. In ear headphone ( earphone) , On ear headphone , around ear headphone.

a). In Ear Headphone

This is also known as earbuds. This is the smallest type of headphone. Main benefit of this type of headphone is that you can put it in your pocket and easily portable. Here you check article on Top 10 Models of in ear headphone.

Pros (Must Read)

  • Compact and portable
  • You can put in your pocket
  • Microphone and control in wire
  • Due to the small size no cumber to wear glasses
  • easily fit in your ear canal


  • No clear sound like on-ear headphone
  • bass is not perfect
  • Moderate noise isolation
  • The wires get entangled
  • You feel discomfort over extended use

b). On ear Headphone

This type of headphone can not fit in your ear canal but it remains on your ear.


  • better sound quality than earbuds
  • medium weight and easily portable with your neck
  • Not required more space to carry in a bag
  • microphone and controls on ear-cup
  • the bigger battery then earbuds in Bluetooth headphone


  • Not comfortable for 5 to 6 hours use
  • Not the better noise isolation
  • It’s not able to block outside noise ( most of the models )

c). Around ear headphone

Ear cup of this headphone covers your whole ear. This one is an expensive headphone in all types of headphone.


  • No compromise with sound quality
  • Good noise isolation
  • Outside noise is not heard to you
  • best to use at a public place


  • It’s too bulky
  • Big size
  • More comfortable but after a long time use you feel bulky
  • Even though no leakage of air in closed back
  • catch heat and interfere to wear in glasses

3. Choose Features

Before buying a headphone you have to choose which features you want in your headphone. There are many features available in headphone and earphone which I have discussed below. As more you pay money as more you will get features.

a). Wireless Or Wired?


This is the era of 4G internet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. I mean totally wireless. In wireless headphone you can control your music from ear cups without touching your mobile phone or any other device. Rechargeable battery is the another benefit of wireless headphone. Wired headphone uses your device battery but wireless uses its own.

Mainly the range of Bluetooth connectivity in most headphones is 10 m. When you go more than 10 m far from your device, you will lose your audio signal and it’s not work properly. Whenever you feel your audio signal is being lost due to a bad environment or your head phone’s battery is low, you can use extra wire which comes with your headphone and you will get the best music.

Nowadays wired headphones might seem odd even if you have a low budget then you should go for this type of headphone. You get your headphone’s whole control on your wire or ear cups.

The main benefit of the wired headphone over wireless is that your audio signal will not lose at all due to copper cable and inside fiber material. In this headphone, you face problems with tangled wire and you will have a fear of being snatched wire from your music player.

b). Truly wireless Or Wireless?

We all know in wireless headphone or earphone both ear cups are connected with each other through wire. You only lose wire from your wired headphone. In Wireless earphone each earphone connected by neck band which gives you freedom from wire and security of your earbuds also. You get all your control of this kind of ear phone on your neck band.

These days truly wireless earbuds are more famous than the wireless. In this both earbuds are not connected with each other through any kind of wire. You will get full freedom from wire but not more security of your earbuds. Definitely, in the era of advanced technology truly wireless earphones are more expensive than wireless but it gives more better audio and noise isolation. It also provides a long battery life due to small drivers.

c). Noise Cancelling

Noise cancelling headphones are designed to prevent you hearing ambient noise. This feature of Noise isolation blocks the outside noise to enter in your ear. This headphone should be used when you are tired and want to listen to music alone and don’t want to hear anything else. You can use this at your home , public place and at a time of travelling but do not use it at office because maybe you need to listen to the instructions of your boss or discuss any problem with your colleagues.

Do you people have question in your mind about how noise isolation works? I will explain it here. Noise-cancelling headphones use tiny microphones and battery-powered electronics to virtually eliminate the worst outside noise. In active noise cancellation, the microphone generates opposite waves and picks up all unwanted outside noise and you get a best and clear voice. Most of all over ear headphones are noise isolating. This is the most important guide on headphone.

d). Closed back Or Open back?

Closed back headphones are fully closed which is not allowed to hear your music to other people even though it is not allowed to go outside air in. Maybe you have a problem with sweating on the ears when you wear this kind of headphone. In the open back headphone ear cups are vented. It allows you to hear your audio to people and increase air flow also. So, you do not feel heating in your ear.

e). Microphone

The wired headphone’s microphone remains on wire but in wireless headphone it remains on ear cups. Main purpose of a microphone is to give a quick answer to your calls without touching your phone. Also, the microphone helps in noise isolation. In noise cancelling headphone microphone pickup all outside unwanted noise and gives you a clear noise. Main benefit of the microphone for those who drive more. Mainly at a time of driving a bike you need not to eject mobile from your pocket. Best thing to consider in guide on headphone.

f). Sports Features And Collapsible ear cups

Sports headphone has nothing different features like a smart watch but it is sweat resistant and water resistant. So, you can use this headphone in GYM, at a time of morning walk or play time. For everyday use this kind of headphones are better than others. If you decide for on-ear or over-ear headphones, it’s always good to concentrate as to if or not they fold. If you’re getting to use them while out and about, you would like ones that are easier to store.

g). Comfort

Before buying any wearable thing to think about comfort is required. Most people see all above features at a time of buying headphone but they ignore this and after some days of buying headphone they face problems.

If you want to use headphone or earphone all day and at a time of office work then you should go for wireless or truly wireless earphone. So you are not disturbed by wire. Due to low weight you also feel comfortable to yourself. Only for use in free time you can buy any kind of headphone but remember one thing in your mind is that your on ear headphone’s sponge should be soft.

4. Select Style

To see headphone style is also important at the time of buying it. People who are fond of wearing everything matching their clothes must check a headphone or earphone style. You get in many colors but for perfect matching you have to buy which match with your watch color or shoes color.

When you buy a headphone for office use you should buy a whole black. If you are a big business man and you are receiving many calls per day and you want to wear in any wedding function then you should buy an earphone which matches with your formal dress. Mainly for regular use you should buy a blue or green which surely matches with your casual dress.

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