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Why Ac???

Pollution is increasing all over the world these days and due to pollution heat on the earth also increasing. Summer has begun and the sun is raining like fire. Therefore heat is increasing and in the cities specially. Due to more heat you will experience many symptoms such as boredom, laziness etc. So, you can’t focus properly on your work and you will fail to do that work.

Surrounding temperature is one of the major reason to feel our body hot and we needs to cool down it therefor we required Ac. Also in the room or office many source of heat and machines available that lead to rise in temperature and that cause uncomfortable condition. So, Ac absorbs all heat which remains around you and gives you a reposeful life.

Now you ask us question that have you a suitable solution for this? Yes, we have a great solution. We have a gift of science which is advance technology. You can use any type of machine which makes your place cool like Air Conditioner, Air Cooler etc. If you don’t know how to buy this machines then don’t worry. I am here for you. In this article i will gives all tips which is considerable to buy this products and i will give best buying guide on Ac.

Factors To Consider In Buying Guide On Ac

1. Budget

Before going to buy an Ac on any app or any online shopping site we must have to decide that how much money we can spend for the Ac. AC is such a pricey investment. So, I am sure you would like to invest in a good one that will last for a minimum of 10 years.

At a time of deciding budget of an air conditioner , you should keep in mind its type and capacity. I will suggest you an Ac at low budget in this article but in my opinion you should pay money according to it’s features and capacity for best air conditioner. I will try my best to suggest best Ac at low budget so which is affordable for general family.

TypePrice(0.8 tone)Price(1 to 1.4 tone)Price(1.5 to 1.9 tone)price(2 tone and above)
Split Ac22,000 to 26,000 INR25,000 to 30,000 INR30,000 to 35,000 INR35,000 to 40,000 INR
Window Ac……………………………..22,000 to 25,000 INR24,000 to 27,000 INR30,000 to 35,000 INR
Portable Ac……………………………..24,000 to 26,000 INR…………………………….…………………………….

2. Select Type

mainly there are three types of an Ac which all i have discussed below. i have given all information about all types and suggested best Ac of all type at low budget in this buying guide on Ac.

  1. split Ac
  2. window Ac
  3. Portable Ac

a). Split Ac

You may have noticed that these types of Air conditioners are most commonly used in school, offices and at the home means at silent area. This types of Ac consist 2 units. First one is compressor and condenser which remains outside the room on the wall and the second one is blower which remains inside the room on the wall.

Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper FTKF50TV White)


  • Less noisy
  • Energy efficient
  • More attractive and Versatile
  • No requirement of window
  • Fast cooling
  • In-built heater( in some model)


  • Required more space
  • Not easy to shifting
  • More expensive
  • Also, maintenance cost is high
  • More noise at outside

b). Window Ac

This type of Ac have no 2 different units like a split Ac but it has a only single unit which contains compressor and condenser both. Window Ac mostly used at public place like a school, hospital and government offices etc.

Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC (Copper 3W12LAMilky White)


  • Cheaper than split Ac
  • Only outside space requires
  • You can put it on the stand outside the window
  • easily movable
  • Water drains from the unit to the exterior with no intervention needed
  • It can cool more than one room
  • Larger units can cool rooms up to 650 square feet


  • Not all windows support air conditioners
  • Can’t put it in a silent area
  • requires exterior support
  • Maybe some water leakage problem remains

c). Portable Ac

Portable Ac is very new in the India. Few companies are selling this products nowadays. In the market its available in limited capacity means you find only Ac between 1 tone to 2 tone. Mostly used at where no window and low space on wall.

Royal Sovereign International ARP-9411 Portable 11,000 BTU Air Conditioner


  • Easily movable to everywhere
  • Small space required on the floor
  • More beneficial for who haven’t their own house
  • Not more expensive
  • No requirement of any kind of installation
  • You can put water pipe in any bucket or outside the window


  • Less energy efficiency
  • Water management required
  • noisier
  • doesn’t good in cooling

3. Inverter Ac Or Non-Inverter???

Many people does not know about inverter Ac but this is the special factor to consider in buying guide on Ac. Here inverter means not that it works even if power has gone but i will explain true meaning of inverter Ac. In real it converts Ac current to Dc current.

An inverter air conditioning unit features a variable speed compressor motor that adjusts the refrigerant flow inside the unit to regulate it’s cooling and heating capacity as needed. The motor of inverter Ac remains on 24/7 even though it saves more electricity. When the temperature of the room decreases motor does not stop but it remains on with minimal speed and when room temperature increase motor works with maximal speed.

This type of product gives us a satisfying work but it is too expansive. It is not affordable for Whose economical condition is medium.

Voltas 1.2 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper 155V_DZW White)


  1. More energy efficient
  2. saving money and electricity
  3. Longer life
  4. Fast cooling/heating
  5. Less noise

4. How TO Decide Capacity?

After selecting the right type of Ac you have to decide the capacity which you have required according to your room size or a place where you want to put it. You must purchase Ac according according to size of room or hall otherwise you will face a lots of problems. If you buy a Ac with larger capacity then it consumes more electricity and with lower capacity it takes a time to cool the room.

Before deciding the capacity of the air conditioner, there are few factors that you should consider. If any of the following reason is the one that applies to you, then you should consider the capacity of Ac from Room Size With Any Reason column.

  • Your city temperature is more than 40 degrees C.
  • There are multiple windows in the room.
  • Your home floor is high.
  • Your home ceiling height is more than 12 Sq.Ft

In India we measure capacity of Ac in tones but in other countries they measure capacity in BTU means British Thermal Unit.

Capacity In TonesCapacity In BTURoom Size(Sq.Ft)Room Size With Any Reason
0.8 Tone9600 BTU< 80 Sq.Ft < 55 Sq.Ft
1 to 1.4 Tone12,000 t0 16,800 BTU80 < …… < 120 Sq.Ft55 < …….< 90 Sq.Ft
1.5 to 1.9 Tone18,000 to 22,800 BTU120< …….< 180 Sq.Ft90 <…….. < 130 Sq.Ft
2 Tone and above24,000 BTU and above180< ………. < 280 Sq.Ft130 < ……. < 200 Sq.Ft

5. Which Features You Want???

Power Saving
Wi-Fi Connectivity
Comfortable Sleep

a). Energy Efficiency

In these days energy is very useful for us, So it is our responsibility to save it. Everybody also wants to their Ac to be low energy consumer and give maximum cooling. You can determine the energy efficiency of any Ac model with the help of star ratting of that model.

This star rating range is 1 to 5 which is given by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). For more energy efficiency you should buy an Ac with higher star ratting. Obviously with higher star rating Ac is more expensive. So for middle class family i recommended 3 Star Ac.

b). De-humidification Mode

Also known as dry mode. Without modifying the temperature, this mode will clean your room’s atmosphere and makes your sleep comfortable.

This mode is useful for who lives in coastal area or in the area with the high level of humidity. Almost Ac absorb a humidity automatically but in some air conditioners there is an advance mode de-humidification mode. We have to required to start that mode in coastal area.

c). Filter

Air filtration is more important to clean indoor environment. This filter removes invisible substance and dust from room atmosphere and cleans room. It also removes dust particle. Moreover air comes through the filter, overall filter blows neat and clean air.

In order for this Ac filter to work evenly you should clean a net of Ac at certain times.

d). Heater

When you increase temperature of your Ac it becomes heater but here something different from that in the era of advance technology. After just a clicking one button you can convert your Ac from cooler to heater. This feature mainly useful at a time of winter. You have not need to buy extra heater to maintain the room temperature.

e). Noise Of Ac

Before to buy Ac according to buying guide on Ac you should check noise level of Ac otherwise it spoils your sleep at night and in day it disturbs you to work properly. Mainly in split Ac no need to worry but in window ac you must check noise level. Maximum noise level must be 50 DB for reposeful sleep. You can find noise level of Ac in the product manual.

f). Some Other Features In Guide On Ac

  1. Turbo mode in Ac provides faster cooling.
  2. sleep mode allows you to comfortably sleep without waking up at midnight.
  3. Autostart feature starts your Ac when power is back after power is gone.
  4. The timer function provides the facility with automatic turn on/ off after the desired time.
  5. Wi-Fi connectivity feature uses to switch on your Ac via your phone to enable cooling before you reach your home.
  6. voice command compatibility Allows you to control your AC hands-free.

6. Top 10 Ac Brands

There are many Ac brands in the world but out of them some brands are more famous in technology. But some of the top ac manufacturing companies like Blue Star, Daikin, Voltas are known for their splendid durable appliances. Here, i will tell you top 10 Ac brands. So you can buy a Ac brand wise also.

  1. Blue star
  2. Hitachi
  3. Daikin
  4. Samsung
  5. LG
  6. Panasonic
  7. Whirlpool
  8. Voltas
  9. Career
  10. Electrolux

Now, I hope that you understand all tips of buying guide on Ac and you are enable to buy a best Ac according to your desire. So, you can proceed to buy at any online market place.

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