8 Best Watches Under ₹10,000 Rupees – Ranked

  Men, that look stylish and classy tie a good watch around their wrist.  

Don’t believe me? Just look around keenly. You will find that all flamboyant actors and classy businessmen wear luxury watches.
Despite the mobile phone revolution, Watches Still Remain the part and parcel of every fashionable person’s wardrobe.

We have made a well-researched diverse list that contains the finest luxury watches, best automatic watches for formal dressing, and casuals. We have also included top-class sports watch under 10k.
Here you will get something from affordable Indian watch brands as well as the most expensive watch brands.

Best Men’s Watches Under 10000 in 2021:

These are our top picks for the top luxury watches under 10000:

Fossil Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Casio Edifice Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch9/10
Titan Octane Chronograph Men's Watch9/10
Fossil Chronograph Black Dial Men's Watch9/10
Citizen Analog Men's Watch-BI5012-53E8/10
Fossil Chronograph Men's Watch - FS47357.5/10
Fossil Chronograph Watch - FS45458/10
Casio G-Shock Digital Black Dial Men's Watch9/10

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1. Fossil Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch

Why we love this:

  • Minimalistic, clean, and catchy design
  • Perfect for formal situations
  • Elegant color combo
  • Lightweight




MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Quartz52m 44mm
Stainless steel built Relatively High Price
Analog Display
2 Years warranty for manufacturing defects

Why we love it:

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2. Casio Edifice Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch

Why we love this?

  • Attention-grabbing dial design
  •  Scratch tolerant mineral glass
  • Durable metal strap
  •  2-years of warranty




MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Stainless steel made case Relatively High Price
Analog Display Feel a bit heavy
5-years battery life

Why we recommend this:

3. Titan Octane Chronograph Men’s Watch

Why we love this?

  •  Flamboyant luxury design
  • Stainless steel multi-color strap
  •  Scratch Protection Glass
  • Chronographs and sub-dials
  • Metal-built quality
  • Perfect for wedding ceremonies




MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Golden Bezel Golden bezel fades after some time
Multicolor bandLow Water resistance
24 months warranty Cost is high

Why we recommend this:

4. Fossil Chronograph Black Dial Men’s Watch

Why we love this?

  • Perfect for formal & casual situation
  • Class, catchy look, and competitive price
  • Chronograph availability
  • Metal Built




MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Stainless steel built band & case Not suitable for high impact water sport
Affordable Price Large Dial
Luxury Design Cost is high

Why we recommend this:

5. Citizen Analog Men’s Watch-BI5012-53E

Why we love this?

  • Top class gold watch under 10000
  • Classy Minimalistic design that feels premium
  • Tiny Date display takes this watch to next level
  • All stainless steel body, case, and strap
  • Scratch-resistant glass
  • 1-year warranty




MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Automatic50 meter 41mm
Automatic movementLittle bit heavy
Luxury Gold Color No chronograph
Double push-button safety  Only 1-year warranty

Why we recommend this:

6. Fossil Chronograph Men’s Watch – FS4735

Why we love this?

  • Slim and stylish with the perfect color combination
  • Embedded Chronograph display
  • Stainless steel dial
  • 2-years warranty




MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Quartz50 meter 44mm
Elegant design High price
Stainless steel built
Quality Leather strap

Why we recommend this:

7. Fossil Chronograph Watch – FS4545

Why we love this?

  • Luxury Design
  • High-quality stainless steel and leather band
  • Chronograph dials and date display
  • Low Price
  • Lightweight




MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Quartz50 meter 45mm
Low Price High Impact water not supported
Luxury Design
Chronograph and date functions

Why we recommend this:

8. Casio G-Shock Digital Black Dial Men’s Watch

Why we love this?

  • Top-notch automatic watch under 10000 for sports
  •  Scratch-resistant mineral dial glass
  • Shock resistant and suitable for rough and tough environment
  • Digital display type with large digital display
  • Features countdown timer, stopwatch, LED




MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Quartz200 meter 50mm
High impact water resistant supported Daylight Visibility is less
Great durability
2-years domestic warranty

Why we recommend this:

Info Box

What is better Quartz or Automatic Watches?

There was a time when Swiss made watches were considered the most advance due to their sophisticated automatic technology. But in late 1960 Japanese introduced Quartz Technology. Quartz is relatively new technology that replaced the automatic mechanical technology.

The key difference is automatic watches are mechanical that require winding while quartz watches are battery-powered. Further, quartz watches have high accuracy. But if you love craftsmanship and tradition, automatic also works pretty well.

I hope you get the answer of “what is better quartz or automatic watches?”.

What does the water-resistant number mean?

If your watch has water resistance depth of 30m or 3 ATM, it is just safe in case some drops of water fall on it. If it is 50 m or 5 ATM, it is safe to take a bath with it, but swimming is not safe with it. However, if your water has 100m or 10 ATM water resistance depth, it is safe even for swimming. Yet, you should avoid diving with your watch on your wrist.


So this was our list of top watches for men under 10000. We made lot of research to bring the most diverse list of stylish and quality watches into one review. From the affordable Indian watch brands to the most expensive watch brands to luxury watches and support watches, every type of watch was included.

Unluckily, we could not find any skeleton watches under 10000. I hope this articles would have proved helpful to you, and if it did, you should check out some of our other ones:

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