10 Best Watches For 10 To 16 Years Boy

Best Watches for kids 10 to 16 As a parent, teaching your kids the importance of time is your duty because it will be helpful for them in the future. For that, buying a watch for your 10 to 16 years old boys is a great idea.

My suggestion is to buy a watch which attracts your child. Because if you don’t, they might not wear it. So, don’t go for simple and elegant watches, try to buy an attractive designer watch.

That being said, keep these things in mind before you buy a watch for 10 to 16 years boys. The watch should be durable, attractive, and most importantly, Water resistant. So, In this article, I will suggest and provide details on the finest boys’ watches! If you’re looking for a women’s watch, this article is more suited for you.

Best Watches For 10 To 16 Years Boys 2021:

These are our top choices for the leading watches for boys:

Casio G-Shock Digital Watch10/10 (Editor's Choice)
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Fastrack Casual Analog Watch9/10
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Timex Analog Black Dial watch9/10
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Timex Analog Yellow Dial Watch8.5/10
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Holy High Smart Watch8.5/10
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Casio Digital Pink Dial Watch8/10
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Timex Analog-Digital Beige Dial7/10
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AQFIT Multifunction Smart Watch7.5/10
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Zoop Digital Watch7/10
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Youth Club Designer Combo7/10
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1. Casio G-Shock Digital Black Dial Men’s Watch – G-7710-1DR (G223)

10-to-15-year-watch-2-300x300WHY WE LOVE IT:

  • Black resin band
  • 48 different time zones
  • Shock-resistant
  • Auto-Brightness
  • 200 m water resistant
  • Price Range $74.99 to $80

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Multi Color BacklightVery Expensive
Two Years Warranty
Good Water Resistance

2. Fastrack Casual Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch -NJ3114PP02C

10-to-15-year-watch-3-198x300Why WE LOVE IT:

  • Silicone black band
  • 30 m water resistant
  • Weight: 100 Grams
  • quartz movement
  • 2-year warranty
  • $60 to $65

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Multiple Size optionsAverage Quality
Light Weight
Great for multiple occasions

3. Timex Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch-TW4B17100

10-to-15-year-watch-6-187x300WHY WE LOVE IT:

  • Green silicon band
  • Both Analog and Digital display
  • Brass material used
  • 41 MM diameter
  • Quartz movement
  • Price Range $43.36 to $50

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Comfortable BandExpensive
Combo Display
Attractive Needles

4. Timex Analog Yellow Dial Men’s Watch – TI000I70700

10-to-15-year-watch-4-171x300Why WE LOVE IT:

  • Brown Leather band
  • Weight 100 Grams
  • Yellow Dial Color
  • Quartz movement
  • One year warranty
  • Price Range $76 to $80

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Multiple Band optionsOld Model
Crystal Clear Display

5. HolyHigh Smart Watch

10-to-15-year-watch-5-300x300WHY WE LOVE IT:

  • 17 different Sports Features
  • 1.3 Inch Display
  • Call And Message Notification Alert
  • Smart Activity Tracker
  • Price Range $39.60 to $40 

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Color DisplaySlow Sensors
Feature Loaded
Great Battery backup


6. Casio Digital Pink Dial Unisex’s Watch-W-96H-4AVDF (D176)

10-to-15-year-watch-7-300x300WHY WE LOVE IT:

  • Black resin band
  • Weight: 32 Gram
  • Multi-color light
  • 50 m water resistant
  • 2 years warranty
  • $24 to $30

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Sleep DesignNot for casual wearing
Very Light
Great Information Clustor

7. Timex Analog-Digital Beige Dial Men’s Watch-TW00MF101

10-to-15-year-watch-8-170x300WHY WE LOVE IT:

  • Black leather band
  • Alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • 32 grams weight
  • 1-year warranty
  • $1900 to $2200

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Cool BacklightVery Small dial
Analog & digital display
Easy to operater

8. AQFIT Multifunction Smart Watch W8 (Red Black)

10-to-15-year-watch-9-300x201WHY WE LOVE IT:
  • Anti- Scratch glass
  • Multisports features
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Long battery life
  • Notification alert
  • $34.59 to $38.67

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Sturdy GlassHard to connect
Quick ChargingLow quality
Replaceable Bands/strong>

9. Zoop Digital Bluish Grey Dial Children’s Watch -NKC3026PP02

10-to-15-year-watch-1-1-300x300WHY WE LOVE IT:

  • Blue plastic band
  • Bluish grey color
  • Weight 100 Grams
  • 30 m water resistant
  • One Year warranty
  • $12.36 to $15

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Big Digit DisplayNot Durable
Small Dial Size

10. Youth Club Designer Combo of 3 Watches for Boys



  • Combo set
  • Stainless steel band
  • Date and Day display
  • Quartz movement
  • $1200 to $1400

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Different Dial ColorsNo Warranty


In this article, my goal was to inform you about some cool watches for boys. So, I included all the relevant information so you can make a sound decision. I hope that you have found the perfect watch for your children. So, now, after having all the relevant information about the best boys’ watches, all you have to do is select the watch that your kid likes and buy it for them. If you are still confused, feel free to comment down below.

Watches Recommendation for Specific Age groups
  • Cool watches for 10-year-olds

A 10-year-old will prefer a more fancy watch compared to an elegant one. Keep in mind that at this age, your kids might end up breaking the watch. So, If I have to choose a watch for a 10-year-old boy from this list, I will recommend the following:

  1. Zoop Digital
  2. Casio Digital Pink
  • Cool watches for 12-year-olds

At the age of 12, kids are a bit mature and can handle better quality watches. So, for a cool look, I recommend these watches for 12-year-old boys:

  1. Holy High SmartWatch
  2. AQ Fit SmartWatch

Here are the best trending smartwatches on the market today.

  • Cool watches for 13-year-olds

Thirteen starts an exciting period of teenage life for your children. At this age, looking cool is one thing, but elegant looks are also preferred. So, I recommend the following watches for a cool look:

  1. Casio G-Shock
  2. Times Analog Watches

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