Best Watches For 10 To 16 Years Boy

As a parent it’s your duty to teach your child the importance of time because it will be very helpful to your child in the future. In general 10 to 16 years old boys do not have their own phone. so, it becomes very helpful to see time. Children become more confident about their work and they look genius after wearing a watch. He can put his own impression in front of his friend after wearing a watch.

Many parents buy a watch for their child. However their children don’t like to wear them. so, I suggest you buy that type of watch which attracts your child. Don’t go for a simple and classy watch but go for a designed watch. Furthermore When you buy a watch for a 10 to 16 years boy, it should contain some basic features like alarm, stopwatch and timer. In the present day, the watch has also come to the features like a phone. If your child is more interested in technology then you have to buy a smart watch for your child.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you go to buy a watch for a 10 to 16 years boy. You should buy more durable and with some more attractive things. You must buy water resistant. Mainly for the regular use you should buy a sports watch, not a classic watch . You can also buy a smart watch. If you buy an analog watch then you should buy some fashion.

In this article, I will suggest all types of watches for 10 to 16 years boy at a low budget in India And also, I will give reasons to buy that watch.

1. Zoop Digital Bluish Grey Dial Children’s Watch -NKC3026PP02

Product Details

  • Blue plastic band
  • Bluish grey color
  • 100 grams weight
  • 30 m water resistant
  • 1 year warranty
  • 800 to 900 INR

I write all my articles targeting to Indian audiences. so, I suggest all watch at a low budget in my article. Therefore it can be affordable for a medium level family. If you also belong to this kind of family and you have budget under 1000 INR for your child then you should go for this watch without thinking twice. Digits shown in this watch is big therefor your child can easily see the time. Find more Best Rounded Watches.

I suggest this watch for children who are under 13 or 14 years old. Sky and light blue color of this watch gives an attractive look. Furthermore the dial size of this watch is small which perfectly fits on the wrist. When you wear this watch with a shining blue pent or shirt it gives you a pretty look And also you can wear blue sports shoes with this matching.

Furthermore you should check best watch for 16 to 24 years younger and 24 and above years old at low budget.

2. Casio G-Shock Digital Black Dial Men’s Watch – G-7710-1DR (G223)

Product Details

  • Black resin band
  • 48 country’s time showing
  • shock-resistant
  • Auto-Brightness
  • 200 m water resistant
  • 5400 to 5500 INR

If you are thinking of buying watches for 10 to 16 years boy with some more extra features and with a high budget then you should focus on this product. Multi color light and 48 different countries’ time zones make anyone interested in this watch. On the other hand you can see 3 different countries time simultaneously.

You can set an alarm like your phone. A more accurate Stopwatch and timer are also available in this watch with some more features. Due to 200 m water resistance, you can easily use it in swimming and diving. you have a 2 years warranty on this product also. See more Best Digital Watches.

This watch is best option for 13 years and above age boys on behalf of its dial size. When you wear this watch you look cute. For perfect matching you can wear this watch with your school dress or also with black blazer. For more personality your watch should be perfect fit on your wrist. 

3. Fastrack Casual Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch -NJ3114PP02C

Product Details

  • silicone black band
  • 30 m water resistant
  • 100 grams weight
  • quartz movement
  • 2 year warranty
  • 900 to 1000 INR

If you are finding the best casual watch for teenagers at a low budget, then Fastrack casual watch is perfect match. Dial size you can choose according to your wrist size. It’s available in three different sizes. This model of watch is old rather than cool when you wear this watch due to white and blue color of the watch. On Amazon warranty details are not given but in the manual of watch it’s given 2 years warranty. Weight of this product is low. so, you feel comfortable to carry on this watch.

Logo of fastrack makes your impression in a crowd of people. Time showing digits gives you a casual look. You can wear this watch on any occasion like wedding party, birthday party or any function where you wear casual dress. For perfect matching wear a blue pent and white shirt with some hair style which gives you an awesome look.

4. Timex Analog Yellow Dial Men’s Watch – TI000I70700

Product Details

  • brown leather band
  • 100 grams weight
  • yellow dial color
  • Quartz movement
  • 1 year warranty
  • 3100 to 3300

Timex is one of the international brands which makes different watches for different occasions. If your age is 10 to 16 years then you should buy a watch with resin or plastic band for regular use which suits your wrist rather than leather band. Dial size of this watch is large so maybe it’s not perfect for you. First measure your wrist size and then go for this. If you don’t know how to measure wrist size then you should check our article on the best watch buying guide.

This watch gives you a totally formal look. Due to it’s needle watch looks amazing. When you go for any occasion and you have to wear a formal dress then you should wear a brown blazer with brown shoes, yellow shirt and black pent which makes you smarter. Who have a black wrist, This is a perfect product for them.

5. HolyHigh Smart Watch 

Product Details

  • Black Or Blue Band
  • 8 Sports Feature
  • 1.3-Inch Display
  • Call And Message Notification Alert
  • Smart Activity Tracker
  • 3200 to 3500 INR

In this smart watch, you will get a full color-full HD display and different types of the dial. Also, many sport modes and activity tracking sensors are available in this watch. GPS is also available. You have permission to wear this watch at a time of swimming. Moreover, you can handle all your social media notifications with your watch and reject calls also. Connectivity of this watch is very fast and the battery backup is good.

You can use this watch as a sports watch, a formal watch and casual watch also. If you want to wear the whole black model then you should buy this watch otherwise you should go for a model with a blue strap that is available on Amazon. Due to the air free strap, you feel comfortable wearing this watch. This watch will not give you a very classic look but it gives a stylish look.

6. Timex Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch-TW4B17100

Product Details

  • Green silicon band
  • Analog and digital display
  • Brass material used
  • 41 mM diameter
  • quartz movement
  • 5900 to 6000 INR

Whenever you find analog and digital combo display watches for 10 to 16 years old boys then this comes first due to its the model size which perfectly fits on medium size wrist and small size wrist both. Make sure for buying this watch your budget should be above 5000 INR. Due to the air fresh silicon band you feel good to wear a watch in summer. Also watch has quartz movement which gives you a more accurate time.

This watch also gives you a casual look. From needle design perhaps you can observe that this watch is specially made for teenagers. With a green shirt you can get a nice look with this watch. Grey strip on dial gives such an amazing look

7. Casio Digital Pink Dial Unisex’s Watch-W-96H-4AVDF (D176)

Product Details

  • Black resin band
  • 32 grams weight
  • multi color light
  • 50 m water resistant
  • 2 year warranty
  • 1200 to 1500 INR

This is Casio’s one of the sleek and elegant rectangular watches. The real color of this watch is not pink but dark pink. On the display this watch shows a day, date, time with big digits in 12 or 24 hour format. Furthermore case thickness of this watch is smaller than all digital watches. On other hand weight is only 32 grams because of that you will really feel nice after wearing this watch. In this watch also you get a high sound alarm, stopwatch and timer.

From the color of the watch we can say that this watch is only for teenagers not for younger people. Pink color of the watch attracts teenagers towards it. You can use this watch as a sports watch with your school dress but Don’t use it as a casual watch. Multi color display ( pink and white ) gives you a nice look.

8. Timex Analog-Digital Beige Dial Men’s Watch-TW00MF101

Product Details

  • Black leather band
  • alarm
  • stopwatch
  • 32 grams weight
  • 1 year warranty
  • 1900 to 2200 INR

I saw this watch and it’s information on Amazon Where seller specified that the size of this watch is perfect for men’s wrist but when i saw this watch in real it’s size is too small for men. We can include this in collection watches for 10 to 16 years boy. I suggest one more watch with combo display but this one is cheaper than that. Lightning factor of this watch is cool which enables us to see time in the dark. You can use all options with two buttons.

For the perfect matching, you should wear a light orange t-shirt or shirt with black jeans pent and orange sports shoes. You are looking for a professional teenager. Color combination of this watch gives you a really pretty look and makes your watch more stylish and fashionable.

9. AQFIT Multifunction Smart Watch W8 (Red Black)

Product Details

  • Anti- Scratch glass 
  • multisports features
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • long battery life
  • notification alert
  • 2500 to 2800 INR

This product is available on Amazon in 6 to 7 models. Main thing is that you can change the band of watch as you wish and you can buy it on Amazon with some extra money. For teenagers this is best due to anti-scratch glass. Furthermore this watch has all regular features like other smart watches. After 2 hours charging , if you run simply then the battery runs 5 to 7 days otherwise 10 to 12 days. In this watch map and weather app also given.

This kind of watch mainly gives you a formal and classy look due to its smooth display. Whenever you will wear this one with a black or blue shirt it gives you a gentle look. Also, you can wear a white shirt and black or blue blazer. Also, This product gives you a very professional look even if you wear this with a simple dress.

10. Youth Club Designer Combo of 3 Watches for Boys

Product Details

  • combo set
  • stainless steel band
  • date and day display
  • Quartz movement
  • no warranty
  • 1200 to 1400 INR

Maybe it happens that many teenagers have found collecting watches but they do not have enough money so this is the best product for them. All three watches you can get under 1200 INR. All three watches have different dial color, dial style and band color. This is specially made for kids and teenagers. But the main problem is you have not got a warranty with this item. You have to buy this on your own risk.

For matching, you have different choices with different watches. Maybe this type of watch is not more suitable to use regularly with your school dress.