9 Best Watch Winders for Omega Watch in 2021【Reviewed】

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I know you must relate when I say

 “Watch winders really save time and show off your watch collection simultaneously.” 

If you own an automatic watch, you would know the hassle of resetting the time and date each time you have to wear it. Imagine the embarrassment if someone asks for the time and your watch is not even set right.

To save you that embarrassment we have chosen the recommended best watch winders specifically for Omega watches.

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Best Watch Winders for Omega in 2021:

Here is a list of all the top rated watch winders for Omega currently:

Orbita Sparta 110/10 (Editor's Choice)
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WOLF 456002 Viceroy Single Watch Winder9/10
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Chronovision ONE9/10
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Barrington Single Winder SPEC005-S8/10
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CHIYODA (unisex-adult SWI01)9/10
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Heiden Quad Walnut Watch Winder7/10
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CHIYODA double winder (CYD-SWI22 unisex)8/10
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1. Orbita Sparta 1

Why We Love it?

  • Secure
  • Elegant design
  • Long-lasting battery

Battery can last five yearsDelicate
Numerous colors
Special Orbita patented rotorwind

2. WOLF 456002 Viceroy Single Watch Winder

Why We Love it?

  • Zero magnetization
  • Secure
  • LCD screen

Lock-in cuff feature for securityLoose rotator drum
Flexible programming directionsVery thick cushion
Large 'turns per day' range
Very quiet


Why We Love it?

  • Energy-efficient
  • Quite customizable
  • Glass window protection

Security clipOnly works with batteries
Long warranty

4. Chronovision ONE

Why We Love it?

  • Optional AC adapter
  • Large TPD range
  • Portable

Large TPD rangeA little heavy
Sleep intelligent feature

5. Barrington Single Winder SPEC005-S

Why We Love it?

  • Many color options
  • No overwinding
  • Both AC and battery

SilentWears a little smaller.
Gentle and consistent winding

6. CHIYODA (unisex-adult SWI01)

Why We Love it?

  • Super soft interior
  • Battery and AC options
  • Lifetime customer service

Digital and analog displayNot very light-weight
Sleek and quiet

7. Heiden Quad Walnut Watch Winder

Why We Love it?

  • Multiple watches
  • Very stylish
  • Quite spacious

Sophisticated walnut exteriorNot high quality
Different pillow sizes

8. CHIYODA double winder (CYD-SWI22 unisex)

Why We Love it?

  • Very pretty look
  • Dual capacity
  • LCD for darkness

Digital and analog displayNo option for batteries
For both heavy and light watchesNot very strong
Space for two watches


You might be thinking “Do I need a watch winder?” or even “Exactly what is a watch winder?”. If you do have questions about the purpose and usefulness of buying watch winders for Omega, and whether you should buy one at all, check out this article. After using a tough criterion with multiple factors, we decided on these eight best watch winders for sale currently. We hope our review was insightful for you and you found the best watch winder for Omega Seamaster or any other Omega watch you own.

Source: Watch Winder Mechanism

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