Best Watch At age of 24 And Above

If you are not wearing a watch at age of 24 then you are missing a lot. Mainly in India at this age most of people goes on work or job and time is more important comparing to others in your life. If you are wearing watch at your work time, it gives volume in your personality and makes you different from others. After wearing a watch you look like a responsible person and mature person also.

Nowadays in India online shopping trend increases. In general, In India people often buy the cheapest item online but not the expensive one. However, even in the cheapest things, often the customer is deceived by the shopper.So the main purpose behind writing this article is to make sure that people are not deceived by shopkeeper and get good things.

Many people are confused which wrist watch at age of 24 and above they should buy. They don’t know which type of watch perfect matches with their wrist. Don’t worry, In this article i will suggests best watches for that people and with the watch i will give some guidance which watch match with which type of dress. In keeping with the people of India, I will suggest most of watches at low budget. Even though it is not branded watch, it will give a similar look.

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1. Titan Octane Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch -NK9322SL03

Product Details

  • brown leather band
  • date/day display
  • 44 MM case diameter
  • 200 grams weight
  • 30 m water resistant
  • 3700 to 4000 INR

Dial of this watch is bigger than the regular size. Mainly at the age of 20 and above this dial is suitable for most of people but not for 10 to 20 years old younger. Also, You can see time clearly in dark due to radium inside the watch. Due to stainless steel material watch is little bit heavy. Furthermore strap quality of this watch is just fine but not water resistant.So, maybe it happens that you can not use this watch your whole life due to strap.

According to this watch diameter (44 MM) your wrist size must be 7 to 7.5 inches. Design of this watch is very simple and classy. Dial of this watch is attractive and elegant. Also, thickness of this watch is only 8 MM. so, it gives you genuine look. Mainly you can use this watch as casual watch and formal watch. With your formal job dress this is perfect match with any color of dress.

2. Fossil Chronograph White Dial Men’s Watch – CH2882

Product Details

  • Dark brown leather band
  • 44 MM case diameter
  • 170 grams weight
  • 100 m water resistant
  • 2 year warranty
  • 4500 to 4800 INR

Firstly, this watch is not for who have a low budget because it is little bit expensive. Dial size of this watch is medium who has a wrist size 6.5 to 7 inches. High quality material used in leather band and you can easily change according to your wish also. Due to 10 ATM water resistant you can use this watch at a time of swimming also. Moreover date shown on the display. Due to smooth leather band you feel comfortable with this watch.

At first glance you find that this is formal watch but it is semi-formal. In real, this watch is tachymeter means racing watch. Mainly this types of watches uses in racing because you can easily figure out speed of your vehicle for covering D distance in T time. You can use this watch with your office dress and with casual dress. Dark brown and white combination of this watch can match with any color of dress.

3. Amazfit Huami Bip Touch Screen Smartwatch A1608 (Cinnabar Red)

Product Details

  • Very long battery life
  • social media notification
  • light weight
  • touch screen
  • In built GPS
  • 5000 to 5300 INR

If  you are looking for the best smart watch at age of 24 years then this is best at a low budget. With the help of a touch screen display you can use this watch like an android phone. You can handle your all social media notification with the help of this watch. After one time charging your watch runs 3 to 4 weeks. In built many sports modes comes with this watch. Tracking sensor  tracks your all daily routine activity. Also, you can connect your phone with this watch via Bluetooth. You can track your watch location via GPS.

Owing to very light weight your wrist feels comfortable with this watch. You can use this watch with your casual dress or sport dress. This watch is available in 4 colors. For daily use you should go for a whole black model. Model shown in the image, you can use with perfect matching with orange sports or casual shoes. This best smartwatch makes you more smarter.

4. Casio Youth Digital Digital Black Dial Men’s Watch – AE-1300WH-8AVDF (D109)

Product Details

  • Black resin band
  • 45 MM diameter
  • 70 grams weight
  • 13 mM case thickness
  • 100 m water resistant
  • 2100 to 2300 INR

In the world we all have different choices. Some people want rectangular watches, others want rounded watches. I found This product is the best rectangular digital watch At age of 24 and above for you. Digital watches are always more durable compared to analog watches. Maybe you can not wear a resin band as much as you can wear a comfy leather band. Due to big digital digits you can see time clearly from far away.

Obviously the diameter of the watch is large but you will not worry because it will fit on your wrist if your wrist size is medium. Wear this watch with sports dress only. Don’t wear formal dress with this watch because it looks funky. With a sports dress this watch gives you an elegant and decent look. Even If you don’t wear full sport dress, then wear only sports shoes with this watch which gives you a perfect look.

5. Titan Neo Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch – 1766SL04

Product Details

  • black leather band
  • 51 MM diameter
  • day- date calendar
  • brass material used
  • 50 m water resistant
  • 4500 to 4800 INR

This watch is totally analog but we can also say this product is a semi digital watch due to its features. In most analog watches date and day shows simply on display but in this watch it is shown by some extra needle. Moreover AM and PM shown by clock needle. Due to this feature your watch looks like a branded and expensive watch. Also, you can use this watch at a time of hand washing. Due to 51 MM diameter this fits perfectly on maximum wrist size.

This one is best classic and simple watch. This watch matches perfectly with black tie. If your work dress is full formal ( black blazer, tie, shoes, pent with white shirt ) then you must go for this type of watch for looks like a mature person. Because of this watch you come out from the crowd. If you have no budget for this watch then you should wait for an offer perhaps you will get under 2000 INR.

6. Titan Karishma Analog Champagne Dial Men’s Watch -NK1445YL05

Product Details

  • champagne dial color
  • black leather band
  • 32 MM diameter
  • 95 grams weight
  • 30 m water resistant
  • 1800 to 2000 INR

At this age your wrist is too small then you should check this watch on Amazon. This watch has only 32 MM diameter. So, for this watch your wrist size should be minimum. If your wrist size is bigger however you wear this watch then maybe you feel like you wear a lady watch. Due to light weight your small wrist feels reposeful. According to manual watch is water resistant even if don’t used in hand washing.

This watch gives a very simple and clear look. Furthermore this watch model is very old. According to me this watch isn’t made for a 24 years old person but it’s made for their father. Who are over 40 years old can use this watch in their daily routine. This product is an excellent gift for your father’s birthday. 

7. Amozo┬« Muscular Series – Analog & Digital Men’s Watch/Boy’s Watch with Leather Strap – AMZ06

Product Details

  • Brown leather band
  • 44 mM diameter
  • Analog + digital display
  • stop watch
  • hour beep
  • 1900 to 2200 INR

Mainly you find most of all digital watches with resin or plastic strap but this one is with leather strap. This is the best aviator watch at age of 24. In general you get all watches in box packing but this watch you get in leather pouch. Size of this watch is medium. In built more accurate stopwatch you will get in this watch. Hour beep is on alert for you every hour. Watch weight is a bit heavy due to the steel body. Digits shown on digital display maybe you can not see from far away due to small size.

This product is a casual and semi- formal watch. Don’t wear this type of watch with a shirt for a decent match. You should wear this watch with T-shirt and jeans and sports shoes. Also the leather strap quality of this watch is average although the model is durable. This watch you can wear a traditional dress also.

8. V2A Big Dial Outdoor Sport Shockproof Led Analogue and Digital Waterproof Chronograph Watch for Men

Product Details

  • Dual display
  • Durable resin band
  • alarm
  • LED back light
  • 50 m water resistant
  • 700 to 1000 INR

This is the best watch for you at age of 24 to 35. LED light allows you to see time in dark. If you have a very low budget and you are finding a watch for regular use then this watch is cheapest in this article. This watch is a chronograph or racing watch. Like all digital watches this one also has a resin belt and hard glass. Due to it, the watch is more durable. If you are a worker or farmer then this one is best for you. Moreover you can use this watch at a time of rain, hand washing and swimming.

This is a sports or racing watch but you can use this as a casual watch. If you want to wear a shirt with this watch then you should wear a half sleeve shirt. I strongly suggest that you don’t wear a full sleeve shirt because it becomes more formal. Owing to grey color strap this watch you can wear with any dress.

9. Casio Enticer Black Dial Men’s Watch – A832/A1645

Product Details

  • silver stainless steel band
  • 35 mM case diameter
  • 10 MM case thickness
  • 280 grams weight
  • 50 m water resistant
  • 4900 to 5100 INR

Mainly I am not recommended any one to wear a watch with metal belt at the age of 24 and above because most people have hair on their wrist. So, many people have issues with their hair getting trapped with metal belts. Even if you want to buy a watch with a metal belt then this one is perfect for you. Due to the whole stainless steel body this watch has not light weight. Furthermore this watch shows you 12 and 24 hours time format. Due to the radium on display you are able to see time at night.

For a professional look your watch belt adjust according to your wrist size. Do not keep your watch belt size bigger than your wrist because you look like romeo. With black shirt this watch gives you a perfect match. With this watch even if you are not wearing an expensive T-shirt then you look rich.

10. Titan Karishma Analog White Dial Men’s Watch -NK1636YM01

Product Details

  • gold stainless steel band
  • 120 grams weight
  • brass case material used
  • 2 year manufacture warranty
  • 30 m water resistant
  • 2500 to 2700 INR

For making this watch golden nickel used as a material. Diameter of this watch is medium and even if the whole steel material used the weight of the watch is low. This watch is not perfect water resistant. Moreover you will get a 2 year warranty instead of 1 year on this product.

This watch always gives you a classy and elegant look. You can buy this watch for your father’s gift. He definitely loved this product. If you want to use this product then you can use this in any marriage party or on any special occasion where women show their golden jewellery. Don’t wear this kind of watch at age of 24 to 30 in your regular use. Maybe you use it then you look like you come from old customs.