8 Best Washing Machines Under $800 in 2021【Buying Guide】

 I hope you will all agree with me when I say the fact that, there is nothing like a reliable top-loading washing machine to do your laundry for you. 

Finding the ideal washing machines can be hard, as there are several features one must keep in mind while getting themselves the perfect one for their money. And thus to ensure that you get the highest value washing machine, we have brought to you this list of washing machines under 800$!

To make it sure that you are buying the right washing machine brand, we have also written the following guides for you. All present at the end of this article called, Conclusion, FAQ.

Best Washing Machine Under $800 in 2021

Following are a list of the highest-rated top load washing machines for the year 2021:

Washing machinePriceRating
COMFEE Portable Washing Machine10/10 (Editor's Choice)
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Magic Chef Compact Washer9/10
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Casart Washing Machine9/10
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RCA Washer9/10
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Giantex Full Automatic Washing Machine8/10
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Panda Portable Washing Machine9/10
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Magic Chef Top Load Washer8/10
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COMFEE Compact Washer7/10
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HomeLabs Portable Washing Machine9/10
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COMFEE Portable Washing Machine

Why we loved it:

  • Portable and space-efficient
  • Energy saving
  • Child lock option

LED displayWater hose leaks
Space saving and energy efficientWashing machine would arrive damaged
Automatic machine

Magic Chef Compact Washer

Why we loved it:

  • 6 automatic programmable cycles
  • Automatic washing machine
  • 2 hoses for water supply

6 washing cyclesSmells like burning plastic overtime due to being made of poor plastic
Automatic washing Makes noise
Bottom pan to prevent water leakage

Casart Washing Machine

Why we loved it:

  • Time controlling system
  • 10 Water program system
  • User friendly

10 pound laundry capacityLeaks water
LED display with 10 program washing systemOnly one source of hooking up water
Space saving and efficient/strong>

RCA Washer

Why we loved it:

  • Comes with all accessories
  • LED display with all functions
  • Low cost and compact

Bigger in size for the money you payMachine tub breaks easily
Durable and compactWater overtime stops draining and rinsing resulting to mold

Giantex Full Automatic Washing Machine

Why we loved it:

  • Fully automatic machine
  • Compact and portable design
  • Holds up to 7 lbs

Stainless steel durable tubWater pipes are made with poor quality
Uses a leveling technology to prevent noise and vibrationsNot durable
3 different water levels and 6 washing programs available/strong>

Panda Portable Washing Machine

Why we loved it:

  • Top load automatic washing machine
  • Snug and compact for small spaces
  • Energy efficient

Energy efficient and space saving Stops mid cycle
Washes a full cycle in 20 minsWater leaks
Portable washing machine with 10lbs clothes capacity/strong>

Magic Chef Top Load Washer

Why we loved it:

  • Top loading washing machine
  • Child lock
  • LED display with 6 wash cycles

Sleek looking fully automatic machinePoor quality drainage hole/strong>
Compact yet functionalNot long lasting/strong>
Spinner dries up to 95%

COMFEE Compact Washer

Why we loved it:

  • Sleek yet functional
  • Portable and on wheels!
  • 5 wash cycle types with LED display

5 washing programsCannot hold more than 5 clothes/strong>
Compact with only 0.9Cub ftLaundry gets tangled/strong>
Built in water drainage pump


Every brand offers you a new thing that the other does not. While it is rather difficult to fulfill every aspect you want by a brand in your washing machine. We made it sure that we find you only the right for your money and a machine that brings you value. Which is all worth your investment of under 800$. Above all, so you have the ideal list of the top washing machines for the money and so you are able to make the right purchasing decisions.

Got all the information you may need? Well then what else are you waiting for? Get your hands on your very own premium washing machine brand. Simply select one out of our deals on the washing machine and you should be good to go on your journey to having a budget-friendly washing machine that is not only functional but is great in terms of doing your laundry!


Results of a discrete choice analysis for washing based machines


FAQ Regarding the TOP Washing Machines

What is the Number 1 brand of washing machine and dryer?

The word top can be subjective for one another. What you think is the ideal machine for dryers, can be the worst for others! Thus it can be hard to determine and give one answer to which one is it.

Some brands tend to have certain elements they are better at. For example, Brand A could be better at providing you with machines with the top energy efficiency, meanwhile, another brand could be better at proving you with the spinner available to dry your clothes. As a result, it can be hard to choose one. But, there are certain brands (as the ones mentioned in our list) that are able to provide you with all of the above! Energy efficiency, space-saving, compact, budget-friendly and under 800$, sleek and also comes with a spinner for even more efficiency.

However, it is a fact that our research and collection of data has found the commonly greatest washing machine company. Which we thus, added it to our list and made it our editor’s pick. Hence, to answer your question, you should head to our list of the ones and the editor’s pick will be your answer!

What should I look for when buying a washing machine?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to what they want in their washing machine. Some are conscious about their budget, while others would care majorly about whether or not their machine has a spinner in it. But in general, here are a few things in common that one should look out for when buying a washing machine:

  • Spinner: Spinners or dryers are almost essential for people. Whether you have a twin tub or an automatic washer and dryer, it will help in the drying of your clothes and cut the time to dry your clothes almost in half!
  • Top load or front load machines can also differ from one another, and front load machines can be more expensive. Top load machines tend to take up more water and take a longer time for your cycles. Whereas, front load machines are more modern options and easier to use. They can be more expensive indeed, but for some, it can be worth their long term investment. Ergo, make sure you do your research and are able to determine which one you want.
  • Size and capacity: This means the number of pounds of load or capacity in general that your finest cheap washing machine can hold. If you are a big family, a large washing machine with a bigger capacity would be needed. Whereas, if you are the only one who wishes to have a washing machine, then a simple and basic washing machine should do the trick for your singular load laundry.

How long can you expect a washing machine to last?

According to consumer reviews, a high-value washing machine can last within its first 10 years. But here are some signs you should watch out for, to show you your affordable washing machine now needs to be changed.

  • If you see water leaking. If you see water leaking from the bottom of your machine, that is a clear sign to change it as soon as possible. This is because it can be a sign of the fact that your washing tub has cracked or been broken from the inside. Thus leaking water.
  • When you smell odors from your washing machine on a regular. Certain cheap washing machines can end up smelling bad from their tubs over time due to pile up of mold or mildew, as a result of not being cleaned properly
  • It makes a lot of noise. Firstly, make sure that your dryer and washing machine tub is on a level and are not wobbling. In case this takes place, you need to change your machine as now it not only needs to be tightened but also leveled.

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