10 Best Seiko 5 Watches to Buy in 2021【Reviewed】

I hope you agree with me when I say this:

 “Wristwatches were always and are still used as more of a fashion choice rather than a time-telling device only” 

That being said, holding the same significance as jewelry, watches come in many different shapes, colors, and most importantly prices. Some are very high quality,  yet expensive, and others are affordable but lower in build quality.

But that’s not the case with all, Seiko 5 modles stand in the middle ground of this overall race of quality & affordability. With the availability of a massive variety of timepieces, you do get a lot of quality options with this brand.

Keeping that in mind, we did some research and found some of the best Seiko 5 timepieces for you to buy. So, without wasting more of your precious seconds, let’s take you directly into the Seiko watch guide.

And if you’ve more questions about any Seiko 5 watch such as “What is a Seiko 5 watch?” or “Are Seiko 5 watch on the market any good?” Worry not! you’ll get all your answers at the end of this article.

Best Seiko 5 Watches in 2021

Here are our choices of the top-rated Seiko watches for you to buy. Especially if you love collecting Seiko watches, this list is well suited for you.

Seiko Men's SNK80910/10 (Editors Pick)
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Seiko 5 Men's SNKL239.5/10
Check Price
Seiko Men's SNKK279.5/10
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Seiko 5 Men's SNKK52
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Seiko 5 Men's SNZH579/10
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Seiko 5 Men's SNK7939/10
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Seiko 5 Sports SRPC599/10
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Seiko 5 Automatic SNK809K18.5/10
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Seiko Men's Black SRPD798.5/10
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Seiko 5 Sports Automatic SRPE57K18/10
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1.  Seiko Men’s SNK809

Why We Love It?

  • Precise 21-jewel automatic movement
  • Comfortable Nylon Band
  • Highly durable


MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Automatic30 meters37 Millimeters
Looks PremiumCan be Unreliable for some
Comes with Nice Packaging

2. Seiko 5 Men’s SNKL23

Why We Love It?

  • Offers Scratch Resistance 
  • Durable Stainless Steel Bracelet
  • Attractive looking in real life

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Automatic30 meters38 Millimeters
Suitable for small & medium wristsCheap looking band
Automatic Self Wind movement

3. Seiko Men’s SNKK27

Why We Love It?

  • Unique Blue, yellow & green dial combination
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Luminous hands & markers (easy to read at night)


MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Automatic30 meters36 Millimeters
Hold water resistance well overtimeRequires
constant resetting after several months
Stunning looking racing design

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4. Seiko 5 Men’s SNKK52

Why We Love It?

  • Golden Tone 
  • Classy Design 
  • Thin Bracelet

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Automatic30 meters35.5 Millimeters
Easy to set time & dateNon-removable bracelet
38 hours power reserve after 12 hours use
Long-lasting durability

5. Seiko 5 Men’s SNZH57

Why We Love It?

  • Luminous Dials
  • Black & gold Dial combination
  • Better Water resistance  


MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Automatic 100 meters42 Millimeters
Reliable & AccurateCheap looking Bracelet
Replicable Bracelets

6. Seiko 5 Men’s SNK793

Why We Love It?

  • Gorgeous Dial Color
  • Transparent back for internal function viewing
  • Comes with a high-quality box


MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Automatic30 meters36 Millimeters
Classic looking watchCan gain 2 minutes everyday
Perfect Weight (Comfy)

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7. Seiko 5 Sports SRPC59

Why We Love It?

  • Big Case Diameter
  • Good Water resistance
  • Japanese Automatic watch movement


MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Japanese Automatic100 meters45 Millimeters
Unidirectional Moving BezelNot suitable for small wrists
Attractive Designr

8. Seiko 5 Automatic 21 Jewel SNK809K1 SNK809K

Why We Love It?

  • Great Pricing
  • Has a great weight
  • Value for money


MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Automatic30 meters36 Millimeters
Very Comfortable to wearBracelet can pull on arm hairs
Small Adjustments with

9. Seiko Men’s Black SRPD79

Why We Love It?

  • Automatic watch with the option for manual winding 
  • Comfortable Nylon strap
  • Sleek-looking black design. 


MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Automatic100 meters42.5 Millimeters
Diameter suited for most wrist sizesA bit expensive
Stainless steel (hard coating)r

10. Seiko 5 Sports Automatic SRPE57K1

Why We Love It?

  • Nicely polished case
  • Replaceable Bracelet
  • High-quality bracelet


MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Automatic100 meters40 Millimeters
good water resistance
Packaging is not great
Luminous Dials


Watches are now becoming a part of our attire, even though we do have a lot of options nowadays to check the time. Yet wristwatches are still as relevant as ever. With the availability of different movement technologies, automatic movement is something that just stands out. And when it comes to Automatic movement.  Seiko 5 are the ones mentioned the most.

So, we kept that in mind and started our research on some of the Prime Seiko 5’s out there. And here they are. Of course, there are many other ones available, however, we went the popular opinion and listed the most popular ones. And we hope that find this guide helpful. But before you go, check out our FAQ box for more information regarding Seiko.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Seiko 5 watch?

As we have already established that Seiko is a  brand that offers great entry-level watches at an affordable price & Seiko 5 is something that most of their watch offers. They are basically automatic watches with different functionalities. These functionalities will be discussed in our second question.

What does the 5 in Seiko 5 mean?

The 5 in Seiko 5 stands for five different functions that each of these Seiko 5 named watches should have. Here is the list of functions that classify a watch as Sieko 5

  1. It should have a Diaflex (unbreakable mainspring).
  2. It will have Seiko’s shock-resistant design
  3. It offers  Automatic winding,
  4. All these watches have a date & day indication
  5. And they all are water-resistant, however, the resistance level can still vary

To learn more about these watches, check out this resource.

Where are Seiko 5 watches made?

While most Seiko 5  watches are produced in Japan, however, it all depends on the licensing and the manufacturing plant that it came from. Your Seiko watch can be made in a strictly controlled production in Malaysia or even Singapore depending on the model & availability. If they are produced elsewhere, you’ll get an indication of where your Seiko was originated from.

On Amazon, you’ll also find  Seiko 5 that are claimed to be made in the USA.

Are Seiko 5 watches good?

To answer this question Are Seiko 5  watches any good? Well, yes they are, as per popular opinion when it comes to automatic watches Seiko 5 is a contender that is still undefeated in the entry-level market.  The watches are durable, reliable &  most importantly elegant looking.  As it would have been obvious with this guide, that Seiko 5 is a credible brand with a massive line of products.

And the good thing is they have been around for ages, and that definitely speaks volumes about the quality that they offer. Of course, not everyone can afford an expensive Rolex but quality & looks are still something we all desire.

Where to buy Seiko 5?

Since Seiko 5 are available in large quantities, you can easily get them online and even in physical stores. However, we recommend Amazon to get the finest deals on Seiko 5 premium watches and the wide range of product options. Hopefully, this answers your question about where to buy Seiko 5?.

 Time is money, however, getting an accurate time reading requires money as well. Though not with Seiko 5, all these listed watches are affordable, reliable & beautiful. Now all you need to do is pick your favorite and enhance your personality.  

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