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These days, Personality is matters in everyone’s life. Whenever you go on a special occasion, big party, business meeting or to attend any conference, if you are wearing good clothes and your personalities are also good then all the attention towards you. But most people don’t know what they should do for making personality. Don’t worry in this article I will suggest some tips which help you in developing your personality.

In your, all dress sense watch plays a vital role in making personality. You should wear a watch according to your dress style which perfectly matches with your dress and fits perfectly on your wrist.

Mainly watches are worn in a manner that matches your shoes. When you go to buy a watch in an online or offline market you will find many watches but some of those are better in quality and budget for you. In this article, I will suggest 10 best-rounded watches which you can wear according to your occasion. Check the article on the Best Rectangular watch.

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There are many different types of watches like Casual watch, Formal watch, Sports watch but depending on what event you attend, you should wear that type of watch. Here, in this article, I will suggest which type of watch is best for your wrist. Mainly I suggest a best-rounded watch and give some featured details of the product and share my ideas with you which type of clothes match perfectly with that watch.

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1. Titan Analog White Dial Men’s Watch-NK1639SL03

Product Details

  • black leather band
  • 2 year manufacture warranty
  • brass material used
  • 59 grams weight
  • 30 m water resistant
  • 1500 to 2000 INR

Nowadays people prefer classy and simple watches other than fashionable watches and this is the one of the classy watches. Due to low weight (59 grams) and perfect fitting of soft leather belt you feel more comfortable in wearing this watch. Dial size of this watch is big which allows anyone to see time in your watch.

Due to black strap and white case color it is a perfect match with a school dress or office dress. Moreover, in this watch you can see European numbers, so it gives you a casual and semi-formal look. You can wear this watch at any party or marriage function as a casual watch. Also, thin needle of this watch looks awesome.

One of the special thing about this watch is that it is perfect match on the black color wrist.

2. Fossil Fenmore Multifunction Off-White Dial Men’s Watch -BQ2363

Product Details

  • 44 MM diameter
  • brown leather band
  • Quartz movement
  • the stainless steel material used
  • 50 m water resistant
  • 5500 to 6000 INR

This is the Fossil’s very classy and elegant product. This is the aviator watch. In this watch very high quality stainless steel material used. Due to water resistant leather band and whole stainless steel material it remains life long if you take care of your watch. Main important feature of this watch is you can change the strap of this watch after removing the pin and you can try a watch with a strap which you like..

Due to the whole roman number it gives you can use this watch as a best formal watch. When you attend any party or occasion with white shirt, black pent, brown belt, brown blazer and brown shoes and this watch also you look like a very cool and smart person. Even if you wear this watch regularly without any matching it gives you a good look and proves that you are one of the responsible people.

This watch most suitable only for white wrist if you have black then you should go for first watch.

3. V2A Fashion Casual Wear Multi-Function PU Leather Chronograph Water-Resistant Watch for Men and Boys

Product Details

  • digital and analog display
  • waterproof leather strap
  • date / day display
  • alarm
  • stop watch
  • 900 to 1100 INR

Strap quality and all material of this watch is average but main problem is watch thickness and dial size. Who has perfect fit body this watch more suitable on their wrist. Also on analog display you can see time clearly but maybe not on digital display. You can also use this type of watch as a racing watch because this watch is a chronograph watch. Find watches for 10 to 16 years boy.

You can find this watch in two different designs, whichever you want you can buy from Amazon. In these days many people select a watch with dual display because you can wear this watch with your sports dress or casual dress. I prefer this type of watch for regular use rather then only digital watch or analog watch because From this watch you looks complex and different from whole crowd.

4. Sonata Analog White Dial Men’s Watch -NJ7987YL02W

Product Details

  • black leather band
  • metal material used
  • 30 MM diameter
  • 82 grams of weight
  • 1 year warranty
  • 500 to 650 INR

This is the best rounded watch in this article according to budget. Sonata makes this watch specially which gives you elegant style. If you don’t want a very classy and simple watch like the first watch then you should go for  this watch.

Due to lightweight your small wrist feels reposeful. According to the manual watch is water-resistant even if don’t use in hand washing. In the main dial, time showing a golden strip makes a watch a beautiful, And symbol of sonata makes a watch branded.

This watch gives a very simple and clear look. Furthermore this watch model is very old. According to me this watch isn’t made for a 24 years old person but it’s made for their father. Who are over 40 years old can use this watch in their daily routine. This watch has only 30 MM diameter. So, for this watch your wrist size should be minimum. If your wrist size is bigger however you wear this watch then maybe you feel like you wear a lady watch. This product is an excellent gift for your father’s birthday. 

5. Bingo F6S Smart Wristband Fitness Band Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, IP68 Waterproof Watch Bracelet Screen Sleep Monitor for Android or iOS Smartphones (Red)

Product Details

  • Message calls notifications
  • inbuilt 3-D sensor
  • analog and digital display
  • 49.9-gram weight
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3300 to 3600 INR

Hey guys,are you looking for a smart watch??? Here I suggest the best rounded watch with all smart features for you. You can connect this watch with your mobile via Bluetooth and you can get all calls, messages and social media notifications in your watch.

Moreover, this watch has a 3-D sensor that detects your heart rate and your daily routine workout. Also, this watch case size is very thick which gives you the best look. In general, in smartwatches, you can’t get an analog display but this is one in that you can get an analog display. Due to the Advance magnetic charging cable, you can charge your watch very quickly.

You can get this watch in 4 different styles whichever you want you can buy. Black strap and inside red line gives you a funky look. With red shoes and a red shirt you can get your perfect look with this watch. I suggest this watch for 16 to 24 years old young. Whose age is above 24 years they should check our article on best watch at age of 24 and above. Owing to only 50 grams weight you feels more better in wearing this watch .

6. Sonata Analog White Dial Men’s Watch -NK7954YM01

Product Details

  • golden stainless steel band
  • date and day display
  • 141 grams of weight
  • 1-year warranty
  • 30 m water resistant
  • 1300 to 1500 INR

This is the best rounded watch in golden color. Due to it’s stainless steel material of dial and band it shines in a sun-rays. For making this watch golden nickel used as a material. You can adjust the strap size as your wrist size in this watch. It concludes that perfect fitting gives you a better look.

The display shows date and day it does not gives you a casual look but it definitely gives you a formal look. The model size of this watch is medium so anyone can easily wear in their wrist and even if the whole steel material used the weight of the watch is low.

This watch always gives you a classy and elegant look. You can buy this watch for your father’s gift. He definitely loved this product. If you want to use this product then you can use this in any marriage party or on any special occasion where women show their golden Jewellery. Don’t wear this kind of watch at age of 24 to 30 in your regular use. Maybe you use it then you look like you come from old customs.

7. Timex Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch-TW00ZR262E

Product Details

  • brown leather band
  • brass material used
  • 40 MM diameter
  • 52 grams of weight
  • 8.8 MM thickness
  • 1000 to 1200 INR

Whenever you heard name Timex it’s comes in your mind that Timex is company name which should be related time. Timex provides you a best quality watch with more durability. This watch has a small crown which gives an effective look. Furthermore the weight of this watch is only 52 grams only due to brass material used. Leather band quality of this watch is really good and less thickness makes watch branded. Diameter of this watch is medium which suitable for teenagers.

According to my observation these days when we talk about selecting the best rounded watch then most people definitely choose a watch with a leather belt other than watch with any belt. Trust me, the combination of blue and brown color gives you a formal and professional look.

When you wear this watch with only a blue dress or blue pent it gives you an awesome look. Also, you can wear this watch with a brown blazer and brown shoes. It gives a professional look. If you really want then you can check this product on Amazon.

8. Timex Analog Silver Dial Women’s Watch – TW000Q808

Product Details

  • multicolor stainless steel band
  • 50 MM diameter
  • 17 MM thickness
  • 220 grams weight
  • 1 year warranty
  • 2500 to 3000 INR

Due to the whole stainless steel material you can use this watch for a long time. Main pros of this watch is you can get whatever size you want in this model. This shows you date and day in different manner from all other analog watches. It also shows Am or Pm with extra needle. That features makes watch more professional. Even if with this watch if you are not wearing branded clothes then you looks rich.

Main look of this watch comes due to only a combination of golden and silver color. Inside the model golden needle and time showing roman letter gives a more decent look. Mainly this watch gives you a casual look. You can wear this watch at a marriage event or any occasion where you wear a casual dress. For the perfect combination, wear this watch with a silver dress.

For giving a gift to the friend on his marriage or on it’s birthday party this is the perfect accessory. You get a more stylish look of your friend at medium budget. Moreover women also can use this watch. Surely, your wife will be very happy that you will gift this watch to your wife.

9. Skmei 1258 Men Digital Big Dial 50M Waterproof Chronograph LED Chronograph Watch

Product Details

  • digital display
  • black plastic band
  • 50 MM diameter
  • 17 MM thickness
  • 70 grams of weight
  • 450 to 600 INR

This is the best rounded watch in sports watches. In whole article you found that you should required very low budget for this watch. Also, Time showing the letter of this watch is very cool for all eyes.

Also, in this watch you get all basic required sports features like stopwatch, alarm and timer. Furthermore in this watch you will get a background light. so, it’s easy to see time in dark. Moreover you can see date and day on your watch display.  Also, you find an hour beep in this watch.

You should wear this watch with sport dress or jeans pent and t-shirt but do not wear this with shirt. if you have perfect fit body and you wear this watch then you look very handsome. You founds three design on Amazon. Yellow-black and white-black watch looks nice on your wrist but red-black watch worst look. When you wears this watch at a time of swimming you looks cool and handsome.

10. Sonata Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch -NK7924NM01

Product Details

  • black stainless steel band
  • 38 MM diameter
  • 8.6 MM thickness
  • 141 grams of weight
  • 1-year warranty
  • 1500 to 2000 INR

Model size of this watch is only 38 MM, so students also can use this watch with their school dress. Weight of this watch is more than other regular watches. However, if you use this watch regularly you will get used to it. According to my suggestion keep this watch as far as from water. Mainly black color is a sign of attitude and this watch surely gives you more attitude.

This is the Sonata’s whole black product specially made for black lovers. Many people are fond of wearing black dress in some events. This is the best rounded watch for those people. Duplicate diamond and shape of needle gives you a precious look. Mainly you can use this watch with a formal dress and you can also use this watch with your regular casual dress. You can use this at a time of college.

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