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Usually, whenever we ask someone to select a watch, the first choice of 70% of people in the world is a rounded watch but many people will select rectangular watches. That 70 % of people think that rectangular watches are not suitable for their wrist But in reality, they don’t know there are some models of rectangular watches that give a prettier look than the rounded watches. So, you should also add a rectangular watch model in your watch collection.

In my opinion, usually, rectangular watches are thicker than rounded watches. As much As your watch is thick it gives you a professional look and a very classic look. For wearing a rectangular watch your watch model must be medium for all wrist. It should not be too small or too large. In this article, I will suggest some dressing style strategies for a particular watch.

When you go to buy a smartwatch at a shopping store you will find that most smartwatches designed in a rectangular shape and smooth display of smartwatch give you a really nice look. In this article, I will suggest 2 to 3 best smartwatches and you can buy it on Amazon. Also, I will suggest a different kind of rectangular watch. Moreover, I will give reviews about the top 10 models of rectangular watches also.

Anyway if you want to buy the best rectangular watch than you should read this whole article and you really need some buying guide on watch then you must visit article on Best Watch Buying Guide.

1. Titan Classique Analog White Dial Men’s Watch -NK9171SL01

Product Details

  • Brown leather band
  • brass material used
  • 50 m water resistant
  • 227 grams of weight
  • 2-year warranty
  • 2000 to 2200 INR

Whenever you buy this watch, you will get full boxing of this product. Color mixture of brown band and silver dial gives a cool and nice look of the watch. As brass material used in this watch, there is no danger of corrosion.

Furthermore, the weight of this watch is more compared to regular classic watches. so, maybe you do not feel comfortable wearing this watch. Titan’s logo and date showing on display really give you a professional look.

When you want a very classic look with a rectangular watch then your first choice should be this watch according to my opinion. When you wear this watch with brown shoes, brown blazer and white shirt it gives you a very formal look. The main benefit of this watch is you can wear it regularly with any dressing style. It always gives you a precious look and you look cool.

2. Sonata Analog White Dial Men’s Watch -NK7925SL07

Product Details

  • black leather band
  • quartz movement
  • Date displaying
  • the stainless steel material used
  • 1-year warranty
  • 1200 to 1300 INR

Due to the leather band when you will wear this watch will not make your wrist sweat. If your wrist size is big then you should not go for this watch because the strap size of this watch is small.

I really appreciate the date showing the style of this watch however perhaps many people do not like this watch due to the numbers are shown in the dial and due to the color of the clock needle. Due to the stainless steel case material, it gives a different kind of glow.

This product mainly I suggest for those who have a black wrist. From tome showing digits we can say that this watch is casual watch. It gives perfect matching with black wrist for regular use. When you wear this watch with a black pent and white shirt it gives quite a simple look yet you will feel stylish. If you are a school student or lawyer who wears a black blazer then you must go for this watch.

3. HolyHigh Smart Watch Waterproof Fitness Tracker Band 

Product Details

  • the black or blue band
  • 8 sports feature
  • 1.3-inch display
  • call and message notification alert
  • smart activity tracker
  • 3200 to 3500 INR

In this watch, you will get a full color-full HD display and different types of the dial. Also, many sport modes and activity tracking sensors are available in this watch. GPS is also available. You have permission to wear this watch at swimming time.

Moreover, you can handle all your social media notifications with your watch and reject calls also. The connectivity of this watch is very fast and the battery backup is good. Find a watch for 10 to 16 years boy.

You can use this smart watch as a sports watch, a formal watch and casual watch also. If you want to wear the whole black model then you should buy this watch otherwise you should go for a model with a blue strap that is available on Amazon. Due to the air free strap, you feel comfortable wearing this watch. This watch will not give you a very classic look but it gives a stylish look.

4. Sonata Classic Analog White Dial Men’s Watch -NK7078SM05

Product Details

  • silver stainless steel band
  • white dial color
  • 150 grams of weight
  • date / day display
  • 1-year warranty
  • 1100 to 1300 INR

When a man wants a silver rectangular model watch with the metal band this model is perfect. The design of this product is very sleek. On display Highlights a date with red color it will give a different look from all other watches. Also, the weight of this watch is medium. So, you feel comfortable to wearing this watch. According to me, this is a perfect gift for your father or any person of your father’s age.

Who has a black wrist this metal band type watch is perfect for him? Mainly, this type of dial gives you a formal look. This watch you can use in your daily use and for occasional use, you can wear a white shirt with a silver blazer or any color of shirt with silver blazer and silver pent that gives you perfect matching.

5. HONOR Band 5 (MeteoriteBlack)

Product Details

  • 4 models available
  • AMOLED Display
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • long battery life
  • smart features
  • 50 m water resistant
  • 2200 to 2500 INR

In this band, you will get most of all features which are in the regular smartwatch but you will not get GPS in this watch. Battery of this watch works 7 to 8 days after charging one time And also it charges in 60 to 70 minutes. Strap quality of this watch is good. You will feel comfortable wearing this watch. You can download many apps and use them. Its display is slightly smaller compared to the MI band.

Because of 22.7 grams of weight, you feel that you do not have to wear it in your hand. This band is available in 4 models. You can choose anyone you wish. Skin color and grey color band I prefer for women. Black and blue color band I suggest for men. Don’t use this watch with casual and formal dress but use it as a sports watch and wear this watch with a T-shirt for a cool look.

6. Sonata Analog Gold Dial Men’s Watch -NK7078YL04

Product Details

  • black leather band
  • 5 m water resistant
  • quartz movement
  • 1-year warranty
  • gold case color
  • 1100 to 1300 INR

In general, men want that type of watch which is suitable for their wrist in their daily routine. The product is small for medium wrist however it gives you a nice look. This product is perfect for those who don’t want a full classic look. Leather band quality is also good. Due to low water resistance at hand wash time you have to fear in your mind about breaking your watch.

Golden needle and strip gives you a pretty look. Due to the small diameter, I prefer those who have a medium wrist size. You can use this watch with your office dress. Mainly, Black pent and white shirt for perfect matching. Furthermore, the thickness of this watch is very low. so, it gives you an awesome look. A business person can use this type of watch.

7. JOKIN JZ6 Bluetooth 3.0 Smart Watch

Product Details

  • sim or Bluetooth option
  • multi-language provides
  • social media notification alert
  • micro SD slot
  • camera option
  • 1900 to 2100 INR

This watch gives you such amazing features at the law prize. You can use a sim card and micro SD card in this watch. You can make a call and send a message via this watch. Also, you can do data transfer via the USB slot.

In front of a watch, company provides a camera. Furthermore, you can do music control and many sports activities through this watch. The band of this watch is made from rubber type material so you will not feel the sweat on your wrist. .

This watch I prefer for 18 years to 24 years above age person because the size of the watch is large and mainly school students have not a requirement for this kind of watch. This watch is available in 9 models. You can check it on Amazon. Only in the black band, you feel like a legend and in all other bands, you will look like children. Mainly you can wear this watch with a whole black dress.

8. Sonata Yuva Analog Champagne Dial Men’s Watch -NK7007YL05

Product Details

  • brown leather band
  • Champagne color
  • date / day display
  • 90 grams of weight
  • 1-year warranty
  • 1000 to 1200 INR

I find the best classic with brown leather band and champagne color dial under 1500 rupees. In every rectangular watch, you have to face a small size of the dial. Also weight of this watch is low. So with this watch your wrist feel reposeful. I strongly suggest that if your wrist size is medium then go for this type of watch otherwise go for rounded watch. You can check my article on best rounded watch.

Due to the golden dial watch will give you an elegant look. A small diamond inside the watch makes your self-worth. Narrow needle makes your whole outlook totally different. When you wear this watch you will fill like you wear an expensive branded watch due to it’s less thickness. But this watch more suitable for your father’s gift. This is a perfect watch at age of 24 years and above.

9. Casio Vintage Series Digital Multi-Colour Small Dial Unisex Watch – A168WA-1WDF (D131)

Product Details

  • digital display
  • silver stainless steel band
  • stopwatch and alarm
  • back-light
  • 51 grams of weight
  • 2100 to 2300 INR

In this world, We all have different ways of thinking and different choices. Some People like analog watches but some like digital watches on the basis of display.

This watch is perfect on a wrist who wants a digital display watch. Owing to 7 years battery life and metal belt it’s permanent for life long. Moreover, 2 years warranty provided on this product on behalf of 1 year. Moreover, the alarm beep sound of this watch is high enough to wake up early in the morning.

Due to the small size, it’s not for adults But children can wear this watch to make smarty for themselves. If any adult wants to wear this watch then their wrist size must be small otherwise it looks like you wear a lady watch. This is the best digital watch for students who have a thin wrist under 2200 rupees. Counts shown in this watch are bigger so anyone has eye problems they can see time properly.

10. Titan Karishma Analog Champagne Dial Men’s Watch -NK9151YM03

Product Details

  • Gold Stainless Steel band
  • date showing
  • brass material used
  • 127 grams of weight
  • 2-year warranty
  • 2300 to 2500 INR

This is one of the best models of the TITAN with a whole golden body material. Only strap material of this watch is stainless steel but case material is brass. Owing to the medium weight you like to wear this in your wrist. This product has a quartz movement which gives you more accuracy in time. Due to automatic in built calendar you can see date on watch display.

Also, this watch is best for old men who wear a whole white dress for daily use. Furthermore, this is the perfect watch model for those who wear police color dress. For policeman, postman and bus conductor or bus driver this watch is perfect matching with his dress. I give a piece of specialist advice to the student that this type of watch should not wear for their daily use.

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