Best Formal Watch At Low Budget In India

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Watch is the most essential part of our daily life because it shows time and time is most important for every man in this era. Many people do not wear a watch and they say we can see time on mobile however should we wear a watch?? but when we talk about your look, a watch is a must for your better or impressive look. Also, you should wear a different watches on different occasions.

But only some people know which types of watch they should wear according to dress and occasion. Because of this defect, they can’t get such an amazing look. In this article, I also suggest which watch you should wear on which occasion. After wearing a watch you look like a responsible person.

Nowadays there are many duplicate products or first copies of the product available in the market. Due to low knowledge of clocks, traders deceive their customers and specialize online. In this article I will suggest 10 to 12 best formal watches which you should buy from amazon and i also give a guide which types of  formal dresses match with that type of watch.

I especially write this article for middle class people who don’t have a budget to wear a branded watch. I suggest the best formal watch at the law budget.

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1. Casio Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch-MTP-VT01L-7B2UDF (A1618)

Product Details

  • brown leather band
  • inside silver material
  • 2 year warranty
  • 40 mm diameter
  • 30 m water resistant
  • 2400 to 2500 INR

Whenever a time comes to select a best formal watch this is the best product for you. This watch is best for those who have a wrist size 6.3 to 7 inch (medium size wrist). Moreover leather band quality of this product is nice. Due to low weight your wrist feels relaxing. Due to less thickness you looks more professional. This is Casio’s original product you can get by Amazon’s fulfill seller.

This clock gives you a more formal look due to it’s rounded shape, inside white material and brown leather belt. Main look gives a needle of a clock due to its golden color. I suggest that this watch is best for those who are doing a professional job and daily wear a formal dress According to their budget and dress style. This watch is a perfect match with white shirt. Besides you can use this watch with any dress it gives you an isolating look it’s my guarantee.

2. OLEVS Analogue Quartz Stainless Steel Leather Casual Watch,Fashion Casual Classic Simple Men Watches.

Product Details

  • scratch resistant
  • Automatic calendar
  • classic leather belt
  • available in three color
  • water resistant
  • 2900 to 3200 INR

This is the very simple and classic rounded watch of OLEVS. Due to the light brown leather belt it gives you a precious look. And the diameter of this watch is also 40 MM so this is best for those who have a medium wrist size. You can buy more models of this product on Amazon also. Owing to ultra low thickness (6.5 MM) watch looks more expensive. Moreover you can use this watch roughly because glass is scratch resistant.

In general, This watch is not for students but for those who are doing a job and who have a budget of 3000 and every day wear a formal dress like a school teacher or college professor. To get a classy and gentle look you should wear a white shirt with black tie , brown belt and black or brown shoes. You get a perfect look with this. Moreover you can wear black shirt with your choice pent and also brown or black shoes.  

This is the best watch for giving gift to a father or any person with age of father.

3. Sonata Analog White Dial Men’s Watch -NK7078YL03

Product Details

  • dark brown leather belt
  • Quartz movement with Analog Display
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Display Date And Day
  • 50 m water resistant
  • 1100 to 1300 INR

At this age your wrist is too small and you want rectangular watch then you should check this watch on Amazon. This watch has only 32 MM diameter. So, for this watch your wrist size should be minimum. If your wrist size is bigger however you wear this watch then maybe you feel like you wear a lady watch. Due to light weight your small wrist feels reposeful. According to manual watch is water resistant even if don’t used in hand washing. Check more watches for whose age is 24 and above.

This watch gives a very simple and clear look. Furthermore this watch model is very old. According to me this watch isn’t made for a 24 years old person but it’s made for their father. Who are over 40 years old can use this watch in their daily routine. This product is an excellent gift for your father’s birthday. 

4. Timex Expedition Analog-Digital Beige Dial Men’s Watch – MF13

Product Details

  • analog-digital display
  • 37.7 MM diameter
  • water-resistant till 50 m
  • Brown leather band
  • Maximum water pressure can withstand with compare to other products
  • 2300 to 2600 INR

If anyone are finding watch for 10 to 16 year old teenager then this clock is best for them. Because of small dial size this watch perfectly fits on your son’s hand. Also low weight makes more comfortable. This watch has many function like alarm clock, compass ring, night mode, timer etc. If your age is more than 18 and still you are wearing this watch then it gives you a funky look. In general all digital watches have thickness more than 11 mm but this one has only 8 mm.

This watch is not perfect formal watch but it is semi-formal and semi-casual. According to me in the age of 10 to 16 anyone has not required full formal watch but they required some extra features so they can show his friends. With any casual dress or any formal dress you ca use it. Always you looks smart and mature with this watch.

This is the best gift for your child on their birthday.

5. Mi Smart Band 4

Product Details

  • 20 days battery life
  • BlueTooth (receive calls and text message)
  • water resistant
  • adjustable brightness
  • 24/7 health tracking
  • 2200 to 2600 INR

Several people need smart watches and some person’s do not need but steel they like to wear. This is the right choice for all of that. There are many band watches available in the market at law price but after 2 months of buying, it will fail and you will be full. So,I strongly suggest you invest some more money in a smart watch if you want otherwise don’t buy it.

Typically all digital watches have big models but this the band watch which one has a small model.This is the main benefit for you feel comfortable in wearing this watch. This watch contains all features which you need. It’s have Bluetooth system. so, this watch must be purchased by people who are used to riding bikes and cars daily. 

This is the best for student and who wear a whole black dress due to it’s color and size of watch. This is not better who have a big wrist.

6. Q&Q Analog White Dial Men’s Watch – QZ00J301Y

Product Details

  • Black leather belt
  • 1 year international warranty
  • 30 m water resistant
  • quartz movement
  • analog display
  • 800 to 1000 INR

Whenever you search for black leather belt and a rounded model for a formal dress this comes first. Mainly i suggest this watch for 16 to 24 year old younger college student. But At this price you will get average quality leather band not enough high quality.

Who have a hobby of collecting  watches, this prestigious product must in their formal kit. They should buy this watch For matching with your black dress. As per suggest in this article First and second watch is best for all clothes but any one wants more than one formal watch then they should go for this. Also, If you like more this then you can replace this with the first. Due to inside white look it’s gives you a cool look with white shirt, black pent, black belt and white or black shoes. This watch gives you a very simple look in your every day life.

7. Q&Q Standard Dual Time Digital White Dial Men’s Watch M010-001

product Details

  • Black fiber band
  • 1 year international warranty
  • digital display
  • plastic material
  • 100 m water resistant
  • 1400 to 1700 INR

Moreover  Digital watches give you a sporty look but when you want a formal look then this one is perfect for you. When you wear this watch you will feel like you wear a big device only. This watch gives you a formal look at some level but not as above all leather belt watches gives you. besides, this watch has a plastic case material and fiber band material. You can use this as a semi-formal and semi-casual watch.

This watch is perfect for 11 to 16 years old. Above all, this watch has one of the biggest benefit of water resistant till 100 M instead of 50 or 30 M. This watch match with T-shirt and black jeans and black or white shoes.

8. Fossil Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch-BQ2311

Product Details

  • mineral material of dial glass
  • 44 mm diameter
  • 50 m water resistant
  • interchangeable watch bands
  • stainless steel and high-quality leather belt material
  • 4400 to 5000 INR

When you see Fossil watch it’s more creative than the other watches. Fossil companies use high quality leather and it gives you a different kind of softness in wearing. Main benefit  over this watch is that you can change the straps(band) of your watches. If you want to buy all in one watch then you must buy this watch. Thickness of watch is only 7 MM which gives you a rich look.

With this watch you can match any color dress by changing bands. When you wear this watch you will feel like you wear an expensive branded watch due to it’s less thickness. Due to stainless steel material your watch glows and it matches with the brightness of your face.

9. Titan Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch-NK1584SM03

Product Details

  • silver stainless steel band
  • mineral glass material
  • brass watch material
  • 2 years warranty
  • 50 m water resistant
  • 2700 to 3000 INR

If you don’t like to wear leather band watch, digital watch or smart watch then you have also one option of metal belt watch. This is the best silver color stainless watch. This watch has an automatic calendar which helps you to see the date. This is best for medium wrist size due to 42 MM diameter. Main pros of this watch are lower weight than all other watches given in this article.

Because of the whole stainless steel material you can wear this watch your whole life if you take care of your clock. Due to the silver color it matches with a silver blazer, white shirt, silver or grey pent and black shoes. You can wear this watch with casual dress also. You looks fabulous with this clock.

10. Titan Karishma Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch -NH9151SM02A

Product Details

  • automatic calendar
  • silver stainless steel belt
  • 2 year warranty
  • inside black material
  • 30 m water resistant
  • 1800 to 1900 INR

This one is the Titan’s worthy product. Whenever you want to wear rectangular instead of rounded model then you should go for this watch. This watch has a small diameter so students also can wear this type of watch and it also matches with their dress. I strongly suggest you Don’t go for golden color watches. It gives you a traditional look if new model otherwise old look.

This watch gives you a casual and semi-formal look. For perfect matching you should wear black shirt , silver blazer , light silver pent and black shoes. It gives you a precious look. This is more suitable for those who have black hands.

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