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Nowadays, Smartphones have so many features and it makes our all-day life easy and because of that desire to wear or buy a watch is almost gone. But the best Digital watch can do more than just tell the time. To be on time and do our daily workouts and other things, there are some Best Digital Watches that are the most accurate option.

Digital watches have come a long way since their first appearance, and now people are taking more and more interest in Digital Watches than ever. While now we think that wristwatch is old fashioned or the thing of the past, a Gentleman, a Businessman and all of us want to move fast for that Digital Watch is the best option. It provides a superior battery, durability, and smart features. The Digital Watches are Becoming an important accessory of the future, rather than just old-fashioned Watches.

With so many new and different kind of features like basic alarm, LCD screens, calendar, stopwatch, countdown timer, Bluetooth components, water and weather resistant shields, GPS, activity trackers, fitness trackers and all sorts of data and graphs. These factors make the digital watch itself desirable.

There are so many watches with any style and occasion you want. For the Business trip, Hiking, Gym, Club you can find Digital Watches for any of these places.

Here I will provide you with the information on Best Digital Watches for your appearance.  Be ready to find your Best Digital Watch at a very low budget. If you need help you can see our article on Best Watch Buying Guide.

1. Sonata Superfibre Digital Grey Dial Men’s Watch -NK77033PP04

Product Details

  • Black Leather Band
  • Loud Alarm Sound
  • Light Option
  • 30 Meter Waterproof
  • 1-year warranty
  • 900 to 1100 INR

 There are mainly two types of digital watches. One is with only a digital display and another is a digital display with an analog display. This is one of the top models of Sonata under 1000. This watch has an inbuilt automatic calendar. The alarm sound of this watch is enough to wake up early in the morning. This watch has a stopwatch feature and a 24 hours timer also. Due to background light, you can see time at night. Don’t use this watch at a time of swimming.

When you wear this watch mainly it gives you a sporty look but after all that, it totally depends on you which type of dress you wear with this watch. For running and cycling, this is the best watch. When you wear this watch, You feel inside as if you are a famous sportsperson. This watch gives you a very classy look. Due to the small diameter, I recommended this watch for 10 to 16 years old boy. 

2. Sonata Superfibre Digital Grey Dial Men’s Watch -NH77034PP03

Product Details

  • Timer
  • Multi Color Leather Band
  • Stopwatch
  • alarm
  • Day / Date Display
  • 1100 to 1300 INR

 This is the other one of Sonata’s digital watches. This is the chronograph watch. You can use it at a time of racing. Due to the big model size, I suggest that this watch should be worn with a thick and medium wrist size. Also, the dial made with stainless steel material. So, it is more durable. Moreover in this watch, you will find all features which you find in a simple digital watch.

This watch has a cool design. It makes you cool. This watch does not give you a proper sports look because of its multi-color band. It gives you a casual look at some level. the stainless steel strip and buttons give you a pretty look. When you go for your business meeting or any other place as an owner Where you should wear this watch with a light blue t-shirt or blue jeans (out of both one should be blue) with blue shoes.

3. Sonata Fibre (SF) Digital Grey Dial Men’s Watch-77080PP02

Product Details

  • Black Plastic Band
  • alarm
  • Stopwatch And Timer
  • 48 Mm Diameter
  • 100 M Water Resistant
  • 1200 to 1400 INR

 If you are looking for the best watch for a 16 to 24 years old young boy then this comes first due to its casual dress. These kinds of digital watches have their own pros over analog watches. You can use this watch in sports as a timer. Due to the calendar you need not remember day and date. Also, due to background light, you can see time in the dark. Moreover, You can use this as an alarm. This watch has a 100 M water-resistant feature so you can use this in swimming and light rain.

The orange round of this watch gives you a very stylish look. You can also use this watch for a casual look with an orange t-shirt and black jeans with sports shoes of orange color. I strongly suggest that you don’t wear this watch with a shirt or blazer (proper casual dress). If you have a perfect body that fits with this watch it gives you a very handsome look. If you want you can check the article on the best-rounded watch.

4. Fastrack Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch-NK38035SP02

Product Details

  • Blue Silicon Band
  • Analog + Digital Display
  • Date / Day Display
  • 17.8 MM Thickness
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 3500 to 3800 INR

Fastrack is the most popular name in the watch world. This is one of the precious pieces from digital and analog combo watches. The material used in this watch is very high quality. The silicon band has high quality. Besides, this one has all the features which are in digital watches. It’s a suit which has a strong body because of its high weight and more thickness. Due to high water resistance, you can use this in swimming.

Due to small models, students can use this watch in school with a school dress. If any students have a grey color of school dress then they must buy this watch other than only analog or only digital watch. You can use this with a formal dress and blazer. It gives you a fantastic look. If you want a more formal watch then check the Best Formal Watch.

5. V2A Big Dial Camo-Green Outdoor Sport Shockproof Led Analogue and Digital Waterproof Chronograph Watch for Men

Product Details

  • Military Color Resin Band
  • Shock Resistant
  • 12/24 Hour Format
  • Led Back Light
  • Calendar
  • 800 to 1100 INR

In this watch, one extra feature overall digital watches are shockproof due to the resin band. you can use this watch in diving in the swimming pool water range. The durability of this watch is more like a military man. Owing to its resin band and high-quality glass material you can use this watch in rough and tough use. Furthermore, the hardness of glass is also high. On a digital display, you can’t see the time clearly as on an analog display due to the small size of the digit.

This is the best casual watch. Keep in mind that grey and military colors of watches you can wear any kind of casual dress. The military color of a band of this and dual time zone (Analog and Digital) gives you a decent look. When you wear this watch with a military color dress that makes you awesome. You can use this watch as a sports watch because of its features and if you are really finding a watch to wear with a night dress or lower (Body free dress ) This is perfect for you. Anyone doing labor work or farming work is perfect for their wrist.

6. Fastrack Trendies Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch-NL38045PP03

Product Details

  • grey silicone band
  • bigger dial
  • 100 m water resistant
  • analog display
  • 16 MM thickness
  • 1900 to 2100 INR

This is one more product of Fastrack. The main benefit of this watch is low weight. You fill more comfortable due to low weight, less thickness, and best fitting of the silicone strap. The display size of this watch is bigger compared to others. Also, you get an hourly beep system in this watch. Due to the plastic-type of glass material if you don’t care then you get a scratch on your watch.

The orange logo of Fastrack helps you to differentiate yourself from the audience. Whenever you wear a casual dress of grey color then you can use this watch with them. It gives you an outstanding look. Due to the medium size of the dial this is better for those who have medium size wrist.

7. Casio Vintage Series Digital Grey Small Dial Men’s Watch-A158WA-1Q (D011)

Product Details

  • stainless steel band
  • digital display
  • stopwatch and timer
  • alarm
  • background light
  • 1200 to 1400 INR

In this world, We all have different ways of thinking and different choices. Some People like rounded watches but some people like rectangular watches in shape. This is perfect for those people. Owing to 7 years battery life and metal belt it’s permanent for life long. Moreover, 2 years warranty provided on this product on behalf of 1 year. The dial size is small but it matches a small wrist. You can this one as a diving watch.

This watch model is old maybe people of the new generation don’t like this. This is the best watch for whose age is 35 and above. Counts shown in this watch are bigger so anyone who has eye problems can see time properly. An old person can use this watch in a daily manner. If your wrist size is more than 6.5 inch then don’t wear this clock because it looks like you wear a lady watch.

8. Casio Youth-Digital Black Small Dial Men’s Watch – F-91WM-7ADF (D141)

Product Details

  • resin black band
  • 2-year warranty
  • hourly time signal
  • 5 to 6-year battery life
  • Quartz movement
  • 900 to 1100 INR

Who wants to wear a digital rectangular model but not satisfied with metal bands this is ideal for that person. This watch is very compact and sleek. The main pros are high water resistance and long-lasting battery life. This watch is available in three different case colors. You can choose any color which you want or which one matches with your dress style..

The strap of this watch is very thin and narrow. so, this is suitable only for those who have a thin wrist. Most suitable for children. This watch’s whole black model is properly matched with school shoes. so, students should go for their model. This model matches your white shirt and black pent.

9. Mi Smart Band 4 

Product Details

  • 20 Days Long Battery Life
  • 24/7 Heart Monitoring
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Changeable Band
  • Auto Detect Swim Style
  • 2200 to 2500 INR

In this digital era, you can see more and more advanced technology. When you go for any smartwatch in the market you get many smartwatches under 1000 rupees but many of them are the worst products. So, I suggest you don’t be a fool and you really want a smartwatch rather than invest some money in your smartwatch.

This watch has many advanced features over simple digital watches like Bluetooth connectivity, music control, received social media notification, and many others which give in product details and you can check more details on Amazon. The main pros are you can change your band as per your clothes color. This watch has more battery life compared to other smartwatches. This watch gives you a simple and classy look and you can regularly use this watch during your office time

10. Muzili Smart Watch 1.3” Large Color Full Touch Screen

Product Details

  • 10 Days Long Battery Life
  • 8 Sports Mode
  • Music Control
  • Call / SMS Reminder
  • Water-Resistant
  • 3200 to 3500 INR

Those who are not comfortable with the small size of the band watch should go for this type of watch. Bluetooth connectivity, receiving calls, and social media notification. Due to this main feature, this is best for your office use. And also Owing to a big display best for who drives a more in daily routine. It’s become easier for him/her to know Whose call is coming. muzili Smartwatch 1.3″ watch has an automatic adjustable brightness feature which adjusts according to sunlight which is more beneficial for bike drivers.

This kind of smartwatch mainly gives you a formal and classy look due to its smooth display. When you wear this watch with only a black or blue shirt it gives you a gentle look. Also, you can wear a white shirt and black or blue blazer. Also, This product gives you a very professional look even if you wear this with a simple dress.