7 Best Chronograph Watches Under $500 in 2021【Reviewed】

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 A chronograph is the most widely available and top-selling mechanism found in the top bracket watch brands. 

For starters, the chronograph mechanism is used when one wants to know the exact length of time. It also has a stopwatch function and these can be manual, self-winding, or quartz powered.

Not just the features, but the structure of these watches adds to the aesthetic of it. There is no denying that it instantly amps up your personality. You will find all eyes on yourself once you wear this unique watch.

That is why, today, we are going to discuss the best chronograph watches under $500. Read till the end to learn some maintenance tips regarding watches. In case you wanted to know, how does a chronograph watch works, watch the video.

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Best Chronograph Watches under $500 in 2021

Here are our top picks for the top men’s chronograph watches:

Bulova Men's Lunar Pilot Chronograph Watch 96B25110/10 (Editor's Choice)
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Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Watch BL5400-52A9.5/10
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SEIKO Men's Pilot Watch Alarm Chronograph9/10
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Casio Men's EQS500DB-1A1 Edifice Watch9/10
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Luminox Navy Seal Men's Watch Chronograph - 3580 Series9/10
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Invicta Men's Reserve Venom9/10
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Citizen Watches Men's Promaster Skyhawk8.5/10
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1- Bulova Men’s Lunar Pilot – 96B251 

Why we love it:

  • Textured Black leather.
  • Outstanding accuracy.
  • High perfomance.

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Quartz50 meters

Sapphire Glass.Wears a little smaller.
Stainless steel

2- Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive BL5400-52A

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Eco-Drive E820100 meters
47 mm

Great for travellingAlarm not too loud
Precise printing

3- SEIKO Men’s Pilot Watch Alarm Chronograph

Why we love it:

  • Energy storage.
  • Recharges on its own.
  • Protective mineral crystal.

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Eco-Drive E820100 meters

Suitable for snorkeling and swimmingNone
Easy setup

4- Casio Men's EQS500DB-1A1 Edifice Watch

Why we love it:

  • Solar-powered.
  • 29 time zones.
  • Unique features.

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Quartz100 meters

Aesthetically appealingAlarm not too loud

5- Luminox Navy Seal Men's Watch Chronograph - 3580 Series

Why we love it:

  • Tough and sturdy.
  • Night visibility.
  • Double security gasket.

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Swiss Quartz200 meters

Light weightNot available in metal

6- Invicta Men's Reserve Venom

Why we love it:

  • High water resistance.
  • Protective crystal.
  • Unidirectional bezel.

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Swiss Quartz1000 meters

Suitable for all water activities.Not available in metal.
Scratch resistant.

7- Citizen Watches Men's Promaster Skyhawk

Why we love it:

  • Eco-drive technology.
  • Synchronized timekeeping.
  • High-end build.

MovementWater ResistanceDiameter
Quartz100 meters
45 mm

Available in 3 colours.None.
Stainless steel.


As we come to an end, we hope that this article made finding the best chronograph watch under 500 easy for you. We have listed multiple options above, but you do need some basic information in order to learn how to use these.

Though, getting your hands-on is not as easy as it sounds. You need to be aware of a few things including the dials, water resistance, maintenance, functions, and a lot more. Also, keep in mind that within this range, you will not find premium watches. However, if you are looking for the most affordable chronograph watches, this range is good enough.

In case you want to buy premium watches, check this out.

Maintenance Tips for Chronograph Watches.
  • Always remember that water-resistant does not mean waterproof. Therefore, avoid keeping your watch in contact with water for a longer time.
  • Make sure you do not leave your watch sitting in a drawer or a cupboard for days. This might damage it. In case you do not want to wear it, store it properly in its box. Not using a watch may not keep the lubricants in place.
  • Keep your watch clean at all times to prevent dust from being stuck. Make sure to clean it with a damp cloth and finish it off with a dry cloth.
  • Avoid spritzing perfume on it and avoid contact with any cosmetics.
  • Always give your watch to a professional in case of any repair. Do not opt for a fast fix as watches require extreme precision and care.
  • In case you are winding your watch, do not wind at any cost if you feel rigidness in the circulation of the crown.
Have you been wondering "how does a chronograph watch work?", watch this video:

 Get your hands on the finest chronograph watch as soon as possible!  

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