Beard Trimmer Buying Guide

 It is believed that men in Stone Age started shaving 100,000 years ago by using clamshells like tweezers and pulling out their beard hair. 

Before 60,000 years, man found shaving and started using sharpened obsidian and clamshells to shave their beards. In the late 1700s, Frenchman Jean-Jacques Perret invented the world’s first safety razor (in a sense) by attaching a wood guard to a straight shaving razor. After that, in the 1970s, the razor blade was invented, and the shave became painless.

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Why Should We Use a Beard Trimmer?


By using a beard trimmer, we can shave without having to go to the salon. Thus, we can save our precious time while getting ready.

Moreover, the trimmer is portable so we can carry it wherever we want. We need not find a hair salon around us when we go on any trip or anywhere.

Here are some reasons why you should buy a beard trimmer.

  • The first is really about looking good. If you have a beard, you need to take care of it. And by taking care of it, I mean grooming it.
  • I observe that there are a lot of people around me who go into the salon for shaving every day and the barber charges a minimum of 70 to 80 INR per shave or it totally depends on the barber’s professionalism and in which city you are living.

So, these people pay a minimum of 2100 INR per month for shaving at the salon!

Many factors should be considered at the time of buying a trimmer. Here, in this beard trimming buying guide, I will guide you step by step to help you to select the best and durable trimmer. If you’re looking for a beard trimmer, check out this article: Top 10 beard trimmers At a Low Budget.

Let’s get started!

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying a Trimmer:

Some of these might be obvious and others, familiar. All in all, these are the most important aspects that you should be looking out for.

1) Budget


A beard trimmer is not a long time investment like an Ac and Refrigerator but it’s an investment for 4 to 5 years. So, you should invest the appropriate money. Before we buy any product, we must decide our budget because in the market you get as much expensive product as you want.

All branded products will give a trimmer in 3000 INR to 10,000 INR price range but according to me, you should invest only 2500 to 3000 INR because all companies produce new products every day. So, you should stay updated every 3 to 4 years and enjoy new technology!

2) Choose Type Of Trimmer

These days, there are 3 types of beard trimmers available in the market; Beard trimmer, Nose & ear trimmer, and Hair clipper. Now, you have to choose which type of trimmer you want. If you have more hair you might need an extra-long beard hair trimmer, but it doesn’t have to be restricted to that! In the below section, I will explain how each trimmer works and some features of each of them.

Beard Trimmer


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In my opinion, you should buy a beard trimmer according to your beard type. Stubble, light beard, long beard, mustache, goatee… the type of facial hair you choose to grow will determine which trimmer you need. The most important things to consider are the number of attachment guide combs and beard trimmer with the longest settings. A longer beard requires a much bigger guide comb and a little beard requires a little guide comb.

Prevents skin problems.Leaves a stubble
Stops cheek bacteria formation.Not suitable for the wet beard
Stops skin irritation and beard rash.
Prevents flaky skin.

Nose & Ear Trimmer


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Most men whose age is more than 40 are facing problems with nose and ear hair. Nose hair is not visible properly to anyone but to remove it you have to use some special tool to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly painlessly.

You can cut your nose hair using small scissors and nail clippers but you can not remove it properly. You should remove your nose and ear hair from the root so that it does not grow back in a short time.

By using a nose trimmer you can remove that hair painlessly and easily. Ear trimmer uses a micro-vacuum system that effectively removes cut hair as you trim and catches your cut hair as you trim without dropping down.

Less pain experienced.Hair tends to grow back thicker.
Gives you quick and effective work.Not economical.
Hypoallergenic blade prevents any infection.
Removes all hair from the root.

Hair Clipper


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The common man doesn’t need to buy a personal hair clipper because most people get a haircut at the salon. This product is mainly useful for barbers in hair salons. You can buy multiple clippers for different types of hair. If you don’t want multiple then you can buy a single product with different types of blades which will help you to set all types of hair.

Wondering how to clean a beard trimmer? Make sure to check out the infobox!

Gives you a smooth finish.Not suitable for long hair
Easy to set hair.
Don't need much skill to use.

3) Foil VS Rotary Trimmers

Next up on the beard trimmer buying guide is a comparison of the two popular types of trimmers.

Foil Trimmer


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You can use foil trimmer for beard shaving and hair trimmer. This foil covers the blades so it is called a foil trimmer. The foils are thin sheets of metal that have tiny holes. These types of holes allow the hair to enter the shaver. Behind that foils, there are oscillating blades. The foil captures the hair with its holes, cutting iton the brink ofthe skin and offeringan in-depthshave. This is the best type of beard trimmer and shaver!

Rotary Trimmer


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This product is new in the market with advanced technology. Rotary shaver was an advancement after foil shaver to easy shave. Mainly this product is useful for beard shaving, not for hair cutting, thus it goes without saying that these are large beard trimmers.

Rotary electric shavers usually have three circular heads that feature an internally spinning cutter that cuts the stubble captured by the outer, stationary guard. The rotary shaver can be used in a circular motion across all the parts of a man’s face. The circular motion makes it easier to remove hair around difficult areas such as the neck and chin.

Foil Trimmer Rotary Trimmer
Fast Shaving Slow Shaving
Very close shave Cuts wild hair from the neck and chin area
Precise shave Not precise shave
Ideal for any kind of hair Ideal for thick and long hair
Low Price High price
Noisier Very less noise
Low Price Not good enough for a clean shave
Easy to use Need to teach some techniques to proper use



There is no more precious difference between a rotary and foil shaver but both products have some different specifications. It totally depends on your preference or your own experience which beard trimmer you want. When I take reviews of some people and ask them which one is better? They told me that both are great in use but the main difference between both is the price. If your budget is low then you should buy a foil trimmer and if you want to spend some more money on your trimmer and you want a professional product then you should go for a rotary trimmer.

4) Blade Material

Nowadays, in the market, most of the trimmers come with a titanium coated blade or stainless steel blade. Moreover, some trimmers come with a ceramic blade or carbon steel blade. I have provided the table of comparison between blade material in the below section so it becomes easy to choose blade material for you.

Titanium Coated Blade Stainless Steel Blade
Expensive Economical
More Durable and Corrosion less Corrosion less
Best cutting performance Smooth and reliable
You need some expensive liquid to maintain Easy to maintain
Only a few varieties available in the market More variety available in the market


Carbon blade trimmer is a very cheap product in the market but the only downside of it is, it tends to rust quickly when it comes in contact with water and isn’t the most durable option.

Ceramic blade trimmer is the best option like titanium coated blade trimmer because it is corrosion free. The main problem occurs that when it falls from your hand, the blade will break so it is not a more durable option. If you want to buy a trimmer with a ceramic blade then you have to take care of your trimmer.

5) Extra Features

Let’s be honest, we all love the extra features that come with our products. Here are a few that most beard trimming machines possess.

Corded Or Cordless


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You choose products from both according to your beard type and daily routine. If you travel more and you want to use your trimmer anywhere, then you should buy a cordless trimmer. Cordless trimmer gives you full freedom to use. It comes with a charging stand so after 8 to 10 hours of charging time, you can use it 8 to 10 hours for 25 to 30 shaves and it varies from trimmer to trimmer. A cordless trimmer is a better emergency option for personal use inmy opinion.

A corded trimmer is more powerful than a cordless but you need one charging plug wherever you want to use it. If your beard is stubborn then you must buy a corded trimmer for better shaving. If you are a barber and you want to use a trimmer in your salon, then you should buy corded because maybe many customers have a stubble beard.

You can also buy a trimmer with both features. There is a removable charging cord available for charging it instead of a charging stand but this product is more expensive.

Trimming Range

A groomer usually entertains a range of trimmer clips of various ranges. Usually, it ranges from 0.5–10mm and in some new models, the trimming ranges available from 0.5-20mm. In either case, you won’t get rid of your beard completely (like a shaved face or a close trimmed beard). Please take note that, the longer a clip length, the shorter beard it will cut. So, a 3mm clip will limit your beard to as shorter as 3mm (If you have a beard having a length longer than that) and a 9mm will cut a beard extending 9mm to the 9mm length.

Setting Beard Type Length of Beard
1 to 3 short 0.5 to 3.5 mm
4 to 6 medium 4 to 8 mm
7 to 9 long 9 to 20mm

Warranty And Battery Life

Many trimmers are available in the market that takes 10 to 12 hours to get fully charged and it gives 10 to 12 hours work time. Many cheap and duplicate trimmers are available in the market that gives a workout of 2 to 3 hours even after10 hours of charging time. So be careful ofduplicates and choose a trimmer that takes less charging time and works more hours.

Before buying, also check the warranty of the trimmer. Many products come with a 2-year warranty and some branded products come with a 3-year warranty. So you have to decide how much time you want to use it without worrying about it getting damaged.

Wet And Dry Technology

The name suggests where we can use it. If you need to trim your shave while bathing, then you should go for a trimmer with this technology. Such trimmers also provide a better and closer shaving experience with shaving cream. In almost any budget trimmer, this technology is not available. However top brands sell their best beard trimmers and shapers with this feature.

Integrated Vacuum and dial

Integrated vacuum features allow you to trim your beard without dropping your hair everywhere. A powerful vacuum of trimmer catches cut hair inside it. This feature gives you the freedom to trim your beard anywhere without worrying about cleaning.

From the dial, you can set the trim range of the blade. Most trimmers have a rotating dial and some old trimmers have simple switches for that. It’s no matter the dial or switch but just for your kind of information.

Wondering where you can buy a beard trimmer, make sure to catch the infobox!

LED Indicator And Detachable head

LED Indicator shows that your trimmer is charging. Also, LED indicator lights to turn on when your trimmer’s battery is low.

If your trimmer has a detachable head then you can rinse the beard trimmer blades easily after using it. After washing, dry it and then take use again. So, you can protect yourself from bacterial infection.


Now that we’ve extensively discussed the many features you should be on the lookout for, and hopefully, answered any questions on your mind, we urge you to select a product from our review list. Many of these features are mentioned in our review article and you’ll find them in any other review. We hope this guide was an effective help for your first shopping stop. Happy Shopping!


Info Box


This beard trimmer buying guide might have answered a few pressing questions, but a few questions require their own space. Read on to see if your questions related to beard trimming machines have been answered.

What is the Best Place to Buy a Beard Trimmer?

Although beard trimming machines can be found almost everywhere with the help of convenience stores, many people like to shop for these online. At the start of our beard trimmer buying guide, we placed a link to another article with reviews. That should give you an idea about the best place to buy a beard trimmer.

How to Clean a Beard Trimmer?

Your beard trimming machines require the utmost care. After use, simply brush off the remaining hair and wipe with a disinfectant. For a detailed answer, visit this guide. Remember to only clean the beard trimmer blades, don’t get the other parts wet.

What Beard Trimmer Guards Should I Use?

Start off with a longer guard always. and then a shorter one for a close trimmed beard. Always remember to shave patiently.

How to Use a Beard Trimmer?

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