Electrotechguide company is launched with the purpose of helping to people for buying any electric product online or offline. At Electrotechguide, we offer reviews of each electronic product. so that customers can get a little help with buying that appliance.additionally, we also provide a buying guide to our website. in order that consumers know which company’s product will suit their family. That is, according to size, capacity, and power consumption. our main objective is to get a good product for the customers.


Over the past few years, three students have noticed that people have a lot of difficulty getting an electric product and can’t take it as per their needs. Then they gave birth to electrotechguide company. From when they help consumers to buy electronic items.

Meet the Team

Here is a biodata of the three students who started this company.

Shubham Vora

Shubham Vora is a student of IIIT Vadodara. Ever since he was young, he has been interested in blog writing and content writing. After completing his schooling he starts writing professionally. His main purpose is to offer enough guidance and resist people to be fooled.when he was a teenager, he has been interested in helping society.